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How Apple sidestepped Japan’s antitrust rules


Apple Japan required carriers to subsidize iPhone
Apple Japan used contracts to require carriers to subsidize iPhone prices.
Photo: Apple

Apple got a bit pushy with Japan’s wireless service providers, and was slapped down by regulators as a result.

The iPhone maker was requiring the carriers to put subsidies on iOS handsets. The Japanese Fair Trade Commission decided that was a violation of Japan’s antitrust rules.

iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C Coming To Japan September 20th [Report]



Just to put the following report in the proper perspective, let’s start out by saying that two months ago — just two days after Apple debuted iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 — we predicted that the iPhone 5S would be released on September 20th later this year, after debuting ten days earlier.

How did we come up with that date? It was easy. We looked at what Apple had done in previous iPhone launches, and then took a look at the calendar for 2013. No soothsaying, no mysterious sources. It was as simple as that.

So when Japan’s largest industry newspaper, Nikkei, starts reporting that Apple will release the iPhone 5S and 5C on (yup) September 20th, you have to ask yourselves. Do they actually know? Or are they just fudging it?

Thieves Steal $100,000 Worth Of iPhone 5s From Japanese Carriers


Unfortunately, Find My iPhone won't help in this case.
Unfortunately, Find My iPhone won't help in this case.

Waiting in line for the latest iPhone is by no means a pleasant experience. Sure, Apple often hands out free coffee and cakes, but I’d sooner stroll into the store and straight back out again and pay for my own coffee on the way home. But for millions of us this morning, standing in line is the only way to secure an iPhone 5 on launch day.

That is, if you’re a law-abiding citizen. If you’re not, you might consider breaking into a local carrier store and stealing more than $100,000 worth of iPhone 5 units — just like thieves in Japan did today.

Server Glitch Spoils iPhone 4S Launch for Softbank Customers in Japan



Those who queued outside Softbank stores in Japan eager to be the one of first the get their hands on the iPhone 4S today were frustrated when a server glitch caused problems with purchasing for over three hours after the device went on launch. Softbank doors opened at 8 AM especially for the new device, but service wasn’t completely restored until around 11 AM.