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Travel photog ‘thrilled’ with iPhone XS camera


iPhone XS review
Austin Mann in Zanzibar with the iPhone XS.
Screenshot: Austin Mann/Vimeo

Travel photographer Austin Mann, among the first to get an iPhone XS for testing, expected to be underwhelmed before his shoot in Zanzibar off the east coast of Africa.

However, the upgrades to the camera left him impressed, saying “I’ve never worked with a camera that can balance light like this – not even close.”

iPhone XS camera put to the test by globe-trotting photog


Austin Mann
Travel photographer Austin Mann tests the iPhone XS in Zanzibar
Flickr Screenshot: Photos by Austin Mann for PetaPixel

Austin Mann is one of those lucky photographers who gets a new iPhone before the rest of us. Apple knows he will take it to some colorful location and make the kind of pictures that show off the camera’s upgrades.

Mann doesn’t disappoint with the iPhone XS, which he put to the test while on a recent assignment in Zanzibar.