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There’s already strong demand for next iPhone


Next iPhone
Many Apple smartphones users are looking ahead to the next iPhone.
Photo: Apple

Nearly a quarter of current iPhone users already plan to buy Apple’s next smartphone — even before they know what new features it will bring. That’s the most surprising finding from a new poll, which also shows demand for iPhone upgrades has stabilized at a high level.

Heavy demand for an unannounced product shows trust in Apple. That’s welcome, as the company’s reputation has slipped a bit.

iPhone sales expected to explode in 2017


The 2017 iPhone will be a game changer.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The iPhone 7 probably won’t be enough to reverse Apple’s declining sales slump when it reports earnings tomorrow. But analysts say Apple is sitting on a “powder keg of dramatically aging” iPhones that could lead to a super-cycle of upgrades in 2017.