These stunning macro photos will sell you on iPhone 13 Pro


These stunning macro photos will sell you on iPhone 13 Pro
The Cult of Mac managing editor, not a professional photographer, took this beautiful picture.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Among the many new camera features in the iPhone 13 Pro is Macro mode. This allows the user to take very close-up images, putting the focus on tiny objects.

Many users of Apple’s latest top-tier handsets have been quick to try out this new capability. And some of the results are spectacular. Check them out now, and be prepared to be wowed.

7 reasons the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 makes a worthy upgrade for iPhone 11 or XR [Review]


6.1-inch iPhone 13 review
Still carrying an iPhone XS or even an iPhone 8? The iPhone 13 is better in virtually every way.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Those looking for an upgrade for the iPhone 11, XS or 8 need search no further than the 6.1-inch iPhone 13. Apple’s latest midsize handset offers far better performance than those older models, a noticeably longer battery life and a better camera. Plus there are some other nice additions, like a smaller notch.

Evidence grows for ‘hole punch’ camera in iPhone 14


Replacing iPhone notch with holepunch camera makes no damn sense
Two generally reliable sources now say the iPhone 14 will have a hole punch camera.
Artists concept: Cult of Mac

A trusted analyst has backed up a recent leak that the iPhone 14 will replace the screen notch with a hole punch camera. And there are other significant changes reportedly coming in the 2022 model.

But TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pushed back his prediction for when some much-anticipated features will reach the iPhone.

Motorcycles can permanently screw up your iPhone camera


Motorcycles can permanently screw up your iPhone camera
Harleys and iPhones don’t always mix well.
Photo: Javier Aguilera/Pexels

Motorcycle riders, if you’ve noticed that your iPhone pictures have been getting worse, it’s not your imagination. Apple warned that long-term exposure to “high amplitude vibrations” can damage the camera in your iPhone.

And the situation isn’t much better with scooters.

Early iPhone 13 case shows design changes to cameras, notch and buttons


Early iPhone 13 case shows design changes to cameras, notch and buttons
One iPhone 13 feature is supposedly getting bigger. Another is getting smaller. A third is just moving.

The iPhone 13 will have a much larger camera hump, according to what’s supposedly a case for the handset that leaked out early.

The case also shows that the next iOS device wil be slightly thicker, with a smaller notch and relocated buttons.

Apple shows you how to take ‘otherworldly’ iPhone images


Apple shows you how to take 'otherworldly' iPhone images
Professional photog Maria Lax shares tips on taking eerie pictures with an iPhone’s Night Mode.
Screenshot: Apple

Explore some of the more exotic possibilities of your iPhone’s camera with a free tutorial from a professional photographer. An video Today at Apple session shows how to use Night Mode to take and edit “otherworldly” images.

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Incredible close-ups show off iPad Pro’s surprisingly great camera


2021 iPad Pro is better than any iPhone at closeup pictures.
Some astounding closeup images should make you stop laughing at iPad photography.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Professional photog/developer Sebastiaan de With accidentally discovered that the rear-facing camera in the 2021 iPad Pro can focus on objects very close to the lens. This allows the tablet to capture close-up images not possible with an iPhone.

Cult of Mac did a bit of experimenting and confirmed the results.

‘Shot on iPhone’ film reveals camera tricks for capturing the beauty of spring


‘Full Bloom’ is a demonstration reel for what can be down with ann iPhone 12 camera
Full Bloom sets out to inspire budding photographers and videographers with what they can do with just an iPhone 12 camera.
Photo: Apple

Full Bloom, a new spring-themed video commissioned by Apple, includes some amazing photography done with an iPhone 12. It’s part of the long-running “Shot on iPhone” series that demonstrates the capabilities of the cameras built into Apple handsets. A highlight of the latest offering is stop-motion video done with flowers and fruit.

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iOS 14.3 with ProRAW support for iPhone 12 Pro is nearly here


iOS 14.3 Release Candidate, iPadOS 14.3Release Candidate, watchOS 7.2 Release Candidate and tvOS 14.3 Release Candidate.
Look at all those Release Candidates. iPhone users can grab iOS 14.3 in less than a week. And iPadOS 14.3, watchOS 7.2 and tvOS 14.3 are nearly here too.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple gave developers early access to iOS 14.3 on Tuesday, which will bring ProRAW support to the iPhone 12 Pro models. Plus, it and the iPad equivalent will give everyone more information about the privacy practices of the apps they use.

Apple also seeded to devs the release candidates for watchOS 7.2 and tvOS 14.3 on Tuesday.