Learn how to code apps for iOS 15 with this $24.99 software development bundle


iOS coding
Take advantage of iOS 15 and learn to develop your own apps

iOS 15 is a big deal — and it’s coming soon, with lots of exciting new features. From FaceTime movie sharing to a new Focus feature that allows you to concentrate without distraction, iOS 15 will make our lives simpler.

But the arrival of iOS 15 isn’t just good news for Apple users: It’s also a great opportunity for app developers. The pandemic boom that started in 2020 looks unlikely to go bust anytime soon.

4 ways to boost your tech skills for less than $25 [Deals]


We've rounded up 4 ways to boost your personal or professional skills, from social media marketing to graphic design and way beyond, each for under 20 bucks.
We've rounded up 4 ways to boost your personal or professional skills, from social media marketing to graphic design and way beyond, each for under 20 bucks.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It’s never a bad idea to make yourself more appealing to potential employers. But there are so many skills to learn, from coding, to graphic design, to Excel, and on and on, it can be hard to know where to start, and education is often expensive. So we’ve rounded up courses that cover all of the above and more, all for less than 20 bucks. Take a look, and pick the ways you want to boost your resume.

Turn your device into a programming powerhouse with Coda [50 Essential iOS Apps #12]


Coda html code editor iPad
Coda makes it easy to edit code, no matter where you are.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: Coda FTP Shell Code appThe iPhone and iPad are arguably one of the most powerful computers most of us own. While much argument has been had as to whether you can do real work on iOS, apps are a proving ground for what an iOS device is capable of. Coda for iOS harnesses the power of iOS to make a feature rich programming app, turning your iOS device into a shell terminal, FTP client, remote file viewer, and pocketable coding app.

You no longer need a Mac to code iOS apps on Windows


iPhone 7
Coding iPhone apps on PC just got a lot easier.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Developing iOS apps no longer requires access to a Mac, thanks to a new program introduced by Microsoft called Xamarin Live Player.

Microsoft unveiled the new tool today at its Build 2017 developer conference. With Xamarin Live Player, developers can deploy iOS apps directly to an iPhone using Visual Studio on a PC, removing altogether the need for a Mac to code.

Name your price to master mobile app development [Deals]


CoM - Pay What You Want- Mobile Cross Platform Development Bundle
More than 100 hours of training will prepare you for a fruitful career in mobile development.
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Mobile is the platform of the future, and learning to build apps for mobile devices is where the work is for developers. In a vast and fast-changing field, you’ll want a leg up to get started. That’s exactly what this massive bundle of nine iOS coding courses offers.

Clocking in at more than 100 hours of lesson content, it will teach you a wide range of tools, techniques and languages to build scalable mobile apps. The best part? Right now you can name your price for the entire Mobile Cross Platform Development Bundle at Cult of Mac Deals.