Developers Can Jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 4 With The Current RedSn0w [Jailbreak]


iOS 6 beta 3 is already jailbroken.
iOS 6 beta 3 is already jailbroken.

Apple unleashed iOS 6 beta 4 this afternoon with several minor changes and the glaring omission of the stock YouTube app. iOS 6 is expected to make its public debut this fall alongside the next iPhone, but for now the software is entrusted to the hands of the developer community.

Those who know what they’re doing will be pleased to know that iOS 6 beta 4 can be jailbroken with the current version of the popular RedSn0w tool.

Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta 4 To Developers


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It appears that Apple has started seeding iOS 6 beta 4 (build 10A5376e) to developers as an over-the-air update. Beta 3 was released about 3 weeks ago in the Dev Center. iOS 6 will power the next iPhone, rumored 7-inch iPad, and iPod touch when it is released to the public this fall.

Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta 3 To Developers


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Apple has released its third version of the iOS 6 beta to registered developers in the iOS Dev Center. iOS 6 beta 2 was seeded to developers three weeks ago after Apple unveiled the original iOS 6 beta at WWDC.

Beta 3 is available as an over-the-air update for developers running iOS 6 already. Apple is expected to release iOS 6 to the public this fall alongside the new iPhone.

iOS 6 Beta Hints That Apps Might Be Coming To Apple TV Soon


Hey, lookie hear: in the new iOS 6 Beta, you can rearrange the interface app icons on an Apple TV. A small but nice little customability update, but is there more to this than meets the eye: say, some groundwork being laid for an Apple TV app store coming to iOS 6 later this year? After all, why worry about rearranging apps unless you’re going to suddenly need to manage more than one screen’s worth of them.

Rumor had it that Apple was going to announce an official Apple TV SDK at WWDC 2012, but that didn’t pan out. Could we see a similar announcement at the September event instead?

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How To Install iOS 6 Without A Developer Account


We're still digging up new iOS 6 features. Image courtesy of William Gamache (
Too impatient to wait for iOS 6's public release? Install it now. Image courtesy of William Gamache ([email protected]).

Itching to get your hands on the iOS 6 beta Apple released on Monday? Well, right now, it’s only available to registered developers. But according to some, there is a way you can install iOS 6 on your device. The process is incredibly simple, and all you need is the latest iTunes release and the iOS 6 .ipsw file for your device.