There’s no going back: Apple stops users downgrading from iOS 13.6


Stop the madness
Don't think about going back to iOS 13.5.1!
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

If you’ve upgraded to iOS 13.6, there’s no going back! That’s because Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.5.1. This means that it’s no longer possible to download and install it on your device.

iOS 13.6 added audio versions of key stories from Apple News+, along with a new daily audio show called Apple News Today, available in the free version of the Apple News app. In addition, it introduced a new symptom-tracking feature to the Health app, plus a feature that lets you use your iPhone as a car key.

Yes, you can run Windows XP and Mac OS X on an iPad or iPhone [Cult of Mac Magazine 358]


It's actually fairly simple to get Mac OS X or Windows XP running on an iPhone or iPad.
It's actually fairly simple to get this software running on an iOS device.
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

If you’ve always dreamed of running a Windows or Mac operating system on iPhone or iPad, this is your lucky day. We’ve got how-tos that show you how to run Windows XP or Mac OS X on an iOS device. It turns out it’s not that difficult — and it doesn’t require a jailbreak!

If you’re not up for a weekend project like that, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of other good reading in this week’s free issue of Cult of Mac Magazine. Download it now and enjoy all the week’s top stories on your iPad or iPhone.

It’s got plenty of Apple news, including info on iOS 13.6 and the other software updates Apple released this week.

Apple gets hacked, and the vanishing of prolific leaker Jon Prosser, this week on The CultCast


CultCast 442: AirPods with health sensors
This week's gigantic Twitter hack gives us the creeps.
Image: The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: A massive Twitter hack has Apple pushing a bitcoin scam to millions! Plus: iOS 13.6 brings some cool new features to Apple News. And we’ll tell you the newest info on Apple Glass, while pondering the fate of Jon Prosser, the prolific Apple insider who vanished right after leaking details on the AR specs.

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iOS 13.6 brings expanded Apple News features and other cool stuff


Apple News layers on new features in iOS 13.6.
Apple News layers on new features in iOS 13.6.
Photo: Apple

Apple released iOS 13.6 Wednesday, boosting its Apple News offering and bringing other new features to iPhone and iPad.

As expected, the company added audio versions of key stories from Apple News+, the paid version of its news aggregation service. Apple also added a new daily audio show called Apple News Today, which is available in the free version of the Apple News app.

In addition, the company beefed up its list of organizations pumping news content into the service. However, the Apple News audio features will only be available to U.S. users, the company said.

iOS 13.6 beta confirms that iPhones will work as car keys


iPhone car key feature is a rumor no more.
No room for doubt. iOS 13.6 Beta 2 flat out says Apple Wallet is getting virtual car keys.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple inadvertently confirmed rumors that iPhones will soon function as car keys. Buried in the privacy information for Apple Wallet in the iOS 13.6 Beta is a lengthy description of the upcoming feature.

Called “Adding and Managing Car Keys,” the verbiage details how wireless keys can be added to Wallet and how they can be shared.

First iOS 13.6 beta brings better option for automatic updates


iOS 13.6 Developer Beta 2 replaces version 13.5.5
iOS 13.6 will make life easier for people who don’t want to install new iOS versions.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple decided to remove one of the little irritations of iPhone and iPad. Developers on Tuesday got their first look at iOS 13.6 and the iPad equivalent, which give users the option to not download new system software updates.

This is important enough to bring on a new iOS version number.