Apple surprises devs with fifth iOS 11.2.5 beta


iOS 11
Apple just released a new iOS beta.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It took Apple nearly no time to go from beta 4 to beta 5 on the latest update for iOS 11 that’s currently in development.

Developers were surprised to receive iOS 11.2.5 beta 5 this morning, just two days after Apple released the last beta build full of bug fixes and performance improvements for the iPhone and iPad.

iCloud switch in China could impact international users too


iCloud iPhone
Apple is migrating Chinese iCloud accounts to a locally-owned server in February.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

There appears to be a bit of confusion regarding who is and isn’t going to be affected by Apple’s migration of China-based iCloud accounts to a server operated by a Chinese company next month.

According to a new report, the migration of iCloud accounts is also affecting a number of accounts that were opened in the U.S., are paid for with U.S. dollars, and are connected with U.S.-based App Store accounts.

Chinese company will take control of local iCloud accounts next month


iCloud iPhone
The changeover affects only iCloud customers in China.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple’s iCloud services in mainland China will switch over to a server operated by a Chinese company starting next month.

Apple sent out a message to customers in China, revealing terms and conditions of the changeover. This includes the fact that both Apple and the Chinese firm, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry (GCBD), will now have access to all customer data stored on iCloud.

Clips gets iPhone X-powered update with 360-degree selfies


Clips 2.0 is available now.
Photo: Apple

iPhone X setup shows Apple’s core brilliance


automatic setup
In iOS 11, you won't need to remember anything when you get a new iPhone.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

I used to think setting up a new iPhone was easy, but the iPhone X takes it to the next level.

On Friday, I got the new iPhone X and have been using it all weekend. The setup process was the easiest ever, and speaks to Apple’s constant drive to make things better.

Third man charged in ‘Celebgate’ iCloud hacking scheme


iPhone hack
Phishing scam targeted dozens of celebrities, along with other users.
Image: Cult of Mac

A third man has plead guilty to hacking 550 iCloud and Google Gmail accounts, including those belonging to 40 celebrities — resulting in the leaking of sensitive photos and videos.

Chicago resident Emilio Herrera participated in the phishing scam between April 2013 and August 2014, which involved sending out alerts that appeared to have come from Apple, Yahoo, and Hotmail, requesting username and password information.

Apple surprises developers with fifth iOS 11.1 beta


iOS 11.1 is nearly ready for the public.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Developers received the fifth beta build of iOS 11.1 this morning, just three days after Apple released the last batch of updates.

The new iOS 11.1 beta 5 update brings a number of bug fixes and performance improvements to the iPhone and iPad. Apple added a couple of UI tweaks and new features in the previous iOS 11.1 beta build.

How to share and collaborate in GarageBand using iCloud


recording studio
With iOS 11, you don't need to go to a recording studio to collaborate on a song.
Photo: Iñaki de Bilbao/Flickr CC

One of the great new features in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra is shared documents. You can create almost any kind of file, and collaborate on it with other people. This can be a simple Pages document, or a complex song in GarageBand. In theory, the file will be updated with everybody’s changes, so you can work on the same project without emailing a zillion copies back and forth.

Currently, this feature ranges from a little shaky, to rock solid, depending on what apps you are using. Here’s how to share and collaborate using GarageBand in iOS 11.