iOS 11.3 inches closer to launch with sixth beta


iMessages in iCloud is coming in iOS 11.3.
iOS 11.3 finally brings Messages to iCloud.
Photo: Apple

The public launch of Apple’s biggest iOS update in 2018 so far might be just a few weeks away, now that developers just received another beta build for iOS 11.3.

Apple seeded iOS 11.3 beta six to developers this morning, bring a bunch of bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements to the iPhone and iPad.

Worries arise as Apple hands over iCloud accounts to China


Apple Store
Apple has had a number of challenges growing its market in China.
Photo: Apple

Apple has completed the transition of iCloud accounts registered in China to state-run Chinese servers, and privacy and human rights advocates are (rightfully) worried.

In addition to transferring the accounts to state-run servers, Apple may have also transferred the digital keys to Chinese jurisdiction, although Apple says it retains control of them. Nonetheless, it’s a concerning event — especially at a time when people are already worried about Xi Jinping, ruler of the Communist Party of China, ramping up censorship as part of the bid to establish himself as president for life.

How to use iOS 11.3’s iMessages in iCloud


Clouds, unlike those where your iMessages will now be stored.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The iOS 10.3 beta just reintroduced iCloud support for iMessage, which means that you can treat your iMessages like you treat your photos. Messages will sync across all devices, and and even be deleted from a full iPhone or iPad, but still accessible from the cloud. Here’s how to switch on iMessages in iCloud.

Apple adds new privacy icon to iOS 11.3


iPhone X laying down
iOS 11.3 makes iPhone more secure.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

iOS 11.3 landed with a bunch of big features this morning but it looks like Apple added a few small surprises not mentioned in its preview, including a new feature that makes it easier to tell when apps are trying to access your personal data.

Apple surprises devs with fifth iOS 11.2.5 beta


iOS 11
Apple just released a new iOS beta.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It took Apple nearly no time to go from beta 4 to beta 5 on the latest update for iOS 11 that’s currently in development.

Developers were surprised to receive iOS 11.2.5 beta 5 this morning, just two days after Apple released the last beta build full of bug fixes and performance improvements for the iPhone and iPad.

iCloud switch in China could impact international users too


iCloud iPhone
Apple is migrating Chinese iCloud accounts to a locally-owned server in February.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

There appears to be a bit of confusion regarding who is and isn’t going to be affected by Apple’s migration of China-based iCloud accounts to a server operated by a Chinese company next month.

According to a new report, the migration of iCloud accounts is also affecting a number of accounts that were opened in the U.S., are paid for with U.S. dollars, and are connected with U.S.-based App Store accounts.