The iPad 3 Won’t Be Waterproof, But The iPhone 5 Probably Will Be [MWC 2012]



BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 — Forget a bigger screen or LTE. Ask anybody who has ever dropped their iPhone in a sink, puddle or toilet what they want from the iPhone 5 and waterproofing is number one on the list.

The good news is that there are now a number of companies who are bringing to market superhydrophobic technologies that will help make the soggy iPhone or iPad a thing of the past. Don’t expect a waterproof iPad 3, but an iPhone 5 by the end of the year isn’t just possible, it’s probable.

HzO Says Apple Is Interested In Making All iPhones Waterproof Using Their Magic Coating



There’s no shortage of waterproof coating coming to market that Apple could potentially slather future iPhones in, making water damage all but a thing of the past.

After CES, though, if you wanted to take bets about which company would end up landing the deal, money would rest on HzO, who not only claim that their WaterBlock superhydrophobic coating is better than the competition’s… but Apple’s interested.