LG UltraWide monitor
The latest LG UltraWide monitor sets a new standard for immersive viewing.
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Sony’s elegant glass speaker shines fresh light on portable audio


Sony's Glass Sound Speaker shines a new light on portable audio.
Sony's Glass Sound Speaker shines a new light on portable audio.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverage LAS VEGAS — For all Sony’s talk about high-definition audio and video during its CES press conference, the company’s most intriguing new product is a weird glass speaker with LED lights that looks something like a tubular hurricane lamp.

Called the Glass Sound Speaker, it’s a refreshing twist on the ordinary Bluetooth speaker that is certain to add a unique ambiance to any room. I’m not sure how it sounds, but its soothing, candle-like glow practically screams sophistication.

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As much as many of us are shifting away from disc-based media and more towards the cloud, DVDs are still widely used. Think about your parents and your grandparents who have no idea what the cloud is – and either don’t want to learn about it or don’t have to learn about it.. What about those of us with kids who have older DVDs that we throw in our players from time to time to keep our kids entertained (for example, I did so this past weekend with my little guy).

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