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3 best DVD-to-MP4 converters for Mac: Key features explained


With the right software, your Mac can convert DVDs to MP4s. Three of the best Mac DVD converter apps are Movavi Video Converter, VLC and HandBrake.
With the right software, your Mac can convert DVDs to MP4s.
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This DVD-to-MP4 converter post by guest blogger Elena Dibrova is brought to you by Movavi.

Want to play a cherished movie on your iPad but you only have it on DVD? Maybe you are setting up an in-home media-streamer using Plex? Solve the problem once and for all by installing a video converter. These apps can convert video files from DVD to MP4 without affecting the content and quality of the recording.

MacX Video Converter Pro, a 4K video converter for Mac


MacX Pro might be the fastest 4K video converter.
MacX Pro might be the fastest 4K video converter.
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This post is presented by Digiarty, maker of MacX Video Converter.

Thanks to iPhone 8 and iPhone X, 4K video is now the norm. 4K video looks incredible, but it also means a lot of super-high-definition content to manage. Having a powerful converter app is essential to making sure that video looks as good as possible — and works on all your devices.

Rip your DVD library faster and easier with MacX DVD Ripper Pro


Got a pile of DVDs to convert? Try MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free.
Got a pile of DVDs to convert? Try MacX DVD Ripper Pro for free.
Image: Digiarty Software

This post is brought to you by Digiarty Software, maker of MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

If you’ve got stacks of movies and other discs that you want to watch on your iPhone, you need DVD rip software that makes the conversion process easy and fast. No matter what kind of DVDs you’ve got stashed in your closet, the latest version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro will get the job done — and you can try it for free.

Handbrake, Colt Express, and other awesome apps of the week


Awesome Apps
'Appy new year everyone!
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Happy 2017 everyone! Facebook may have been last year’s most popular app, but there’s plenty more for you to explore in the App Store.

Check out our picks for the most exciting new apps of the week below. Whether you’re looking for a great game to usher in the New Year or something a bit more serious and useful, we’ve got you covered!

Free Video Transcoding App Handbrake Gets Updated, Goes Intel Only



The free video transcoding tool HandBrake was recently updated to version 0.9.5. HandBrake is one of my favorite Mac OS X apps that works with another app called VLC to rip and convert videos for your personal use. The application hasn’t been updated in a long time. However, the update was worth the wait since the application has improvements that include library updates, improved subtitles, AC3 encoding support, enhanced presets, and  universal audio downmix support. A complete list of improvements can be found here.

One interesting milestone was the addition of BluRay disc structure support, but unfortunately decryption isn’t supported yet.

The Mac OS X version of HandBrake saw several good GUI improvements: a new Audio Panel that supports more than four audio tracks, VLC is automatically detected, and you can run multiple instances of HandBrake at the same time. However, Mac users lost PowerPC (PPC) support — this version of HandBrake only supports Macs with Intel processors.

Finally, the developers via a standard Apple-like statement declared that “Many Bug Fixes and other small improvements” were included in this update.

Get your copy of HandBrake for Mac OS X on Intel Macs in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version of HandBrake requires the 64-bit version of VLC. If you are still using a Mac with a PPC you can still get version .094 here.