Check Out The Latest Way Samsung Has Shamelessly Ripped Off Apple



Despite the fact that Samsung’s being sued by Apple in pretty much every country in the world short of Xanadu and Zembla, the IP rip-offs just keep on coming from the plucky Korean electronics giant!

This time, as ObamaPacman notes, Samsung isn’t just content on ripping off the design of the iPod touch for their new Samsung Galaxy 4.0 Android MP3 player… they’ve ripped off the iPod touch’s official product image, right down to the way the white earbuds coil around the player!

Comically shameless. What bozos.

Samsung To Reveal First Real iPod Touch Challenger At CES 2011



Ignoring the Zune HD (as most consumers seemed to have done), the dominance of Apple’s iPod Touch over the touchscreen media player market has gone essentially unchallenged ever since it first debuted in fall of 2007… but Samsung — makers of the popular Galaxy S smartphone and the Galaxy Tab — are looking to change that at this year’s CES, when they unveil the Galaxy Player.

Samsung’s New Galaxy Player Looks Nearly As Awesome As An iPod Touch


Sure, they’re not likely to impress Apple fans, but Samsung’s actually one of the few companies around that is managing to release products to rival Apple’s iOS devices. The Samsung Galaxy S is a capable smartphone that almost has the luster of the iPhone 4; likewise, the Galaxy Tab is probably the only real competition to the iPad out there in the tablet market.

What about Samsung’s answer to the iPod Touch, though? Meet the Samsung Galaxy Player in this utterly charming little commercial.