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China Brings Its Smartphone Clones To MWC [MWC 2013]



mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS — As I was walking around the show floor at MWC today, I noticed a number of smartphones that looked very familiar — yet they were being paraded by Chinese companies I’d never heard of. I saw what looked like a large iPhone 5, an entire range of Samsung Galaxy devices, and a number of high-end HTC handsets.

Except they weren’t really Apple, Samsung, or HTC devices at all; they were actually cheap clones that were trying their best to look like the real thing. They even had fake accessories that were identical to the originals.

Samsung Prepares To Take On iPad Mini With Galaxy Note 8.0 [Rumor]


The Galaxy Note 10.1 could be about to get a little brother.

Samsung looks to be preparing to take on the iPad mini with the Galaxy Note 8.0, a smaller version of the Galaxy Note 10.1, which is expected to be priced very aggressively. In addition to an 8-inch display, the device will reportedly offer a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, a 1.3-megapixel front facing camera, and of course, Samsung’s S Pen stylus.

Samsung Wants iPad Mini, 4th-Gen iPad Added To Patent Infringement Case Against Apple



Samsung successfully had the iPhone 5 added to its patent infringement complaint against Apple earlier this month, but the Korean electronics giant hasn’t quite finished there. It’s now going after Apple’s latest iOS devices, and has requested that the iPad mini, the new fourth-generation iPad, and Apple’s latest iPod touch are also brought into the case.

Apple Adds Galaxy Note 10.1, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean To Lawsuit Against Samsung


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is Apple's latest target.

Apple has added the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and the software that powers it, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, to an existing lawsuit against Samsung in California. The Cupertino company told U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewel on Tuesday that both are guilty of infringing patents owned by Apple.

How Microsoft’s New Tablet Stacks Up Against iPad & Others [Chart]


The Surface RT goes up against the iPad and more.
The Surface RT goes up against the iPad and more.


Microsoft’s new Surface RT tablet made its debut today, just three days after Apple announced the new fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini. If you’re not completely dedicated to iOS, you’re probably having a hard time decided which tablet to go for.

To help you make your decision, we’ve put together a handy chart that compares the Surface RT with some of the most popular tablets on sale right now, including the new iPads, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, the Google Nexus 7, and more.

iFixit Dissects The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Hopes Apple Is Taking Notes



The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 made its debut last week and has already found its innards spread across a table for all to see. That’s right, I’m talking about the customary iFixit teardown. That’s when a member of the iFixit team dissects a device to expose its parts and determine its level of repairability. You’ll be happy to know the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 scored an 8 out of 10 for ease of repair, completely shaming Apple’s new iPad, which barely scored a 2.