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Instagram goes to war against fake follows and likes


Instagram lawsuit
Instagram is fixing its fake likes problem.
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Using a third-party app to gain followers and likes on Instagram are about to become a lot less effective at artificially growing audiences.

Instagram revealed today that it is going to war against fake follows and likes by using AI to identify accounts that engage in the practice. Starting today, Instagram says it will remove inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity.

This is the message you’ll see if you’re guilty:

Twitter doesn’t force ads upon ‘VIP’ users


I'm not famous enough to lose promoted tweets.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Our Twitter timelines have become swamped with ads and sponsored tweets, but if you’re famous enough, you don’t have to see them.

To provide its “VIP” users with a greater experience, and to prevent them from wandering to rival services, Twitter has all but stopped injecting ads into their timelines.

Who Unfollowed you On Instagram? Use Followers+ To Find Out [iOS Tips]



Use Instagram much? If you do, you’ll know that the best part about it is the community of users that’s over there. It’s as vibrant and rocking a community as Twitter or Facebook, all wrapped around photos you take, filter, and share. It’s what Flickr wishes it had become. Poor Flickr.

Anyway, you can have followers on Instagram, just like Twitter. And, also just like Twitter, people can unfollow you when you post something obnoxious, post too much, or just post something they don’t agree with. It’s all very democratic.

If you’ve ever wondered who was following you or who was un-following you, Followers+ might be the app for you.

Find Out Who Un-Follows You On Twitter With Sayonara [iOS Tips]



Twitter has rapidly become a great way to stay informed, keep in touch with friends, and generally faff about on the internet. Sometimes, however, that very same sense of humor that has brought you hundreds of Twitter followers can be the cause of folks un-following you. Whether they don’t get the joke or you actually said somethign offensive isn’t hte point here. Tracking who leaves your Twitter-sphere is.

Enter Sayonara, a new app by Nacho Soto that will alert you every time your Twitter stream loses a follower.