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Add Florida to states adopting digital driver’s licenses in Apple Wallet


Driver's licenses and IDs in Apple Wallet
Florida could be the ninth state to offer digital driver’s licenses in Apple Wallet.
Photo: Apple

Many Floridians will soon be able to leave home with just their iPhone… no wallet necessary. Florida is working with Apple to display its residents’ digital driver’s licenses in the Wallet app.

When the feature becomes available, residents of the Sunshine State plus eight other states will be able to store and display digital versions of their driver’s licenses on their iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple community raises over $13 million for disaster recovery


Tim Cook
Apple made a huge contribution to Hand in Hand.
Photo: Apple

North America has been getting its ass kicked by natural disasters the last two months and Apple users have stepped up big help in the recovery efforts.

More than $13 million in donations have poured in from the Apple community to help relief efforts related to hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. And according to a new blog post from Apple, the donations are still pouring in.

Apple donates $1 million to Mexico earthquake relief


Mexico City
Search and rescue teams are still looking for people trapped under collapsed buildings.
Photo: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Flickr

Apple’s generous spirit and its bank account continue to keep on giving in light of another major disaster, this time in Mexico.

The company already donated millions of dollars to relief efforts for hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the company is sending money to Mexico to help clean up the damage done by the recent earthquake.

Apple donates $5 million to hurricane relief effort


Hurricane Irma
Satellite image of Hurricane Irma.
Photo: NASA

As Florida braces for one of the biggest hurricanes ever recorded, Apple is reaching into its wallet to help provide aid to victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The iPhone-maker revealed today that it is donating $5 million to boost relief efforts for hurricane victims. The company is also making it easier for iTunes users to pitch in.

Apple Store Employees Help Florida Police Apprehend Illiterate Morons


Criminal masterminds strike again in Florida.
Criminal masterminds strike again in Florida.

Don’t ever say that the people who work in the Apple Store aren’t actually geniuses. Apple Store employees in the Altamonte Mall in Seminole County, Florida managed to sleuth out a couple of identity thieves who were trying to buy iPhones with stolen IDs.

How’d these Sherlocks do it? They were tipped off by several subtle clues on the IDs themselves, including the fact that they were not made of the correct material, and featured a comical number of misspellings that could only be worse if they wrote down the name of the state as “Flrodia.”

The iPhone Is About To Become The FBI’s Newest Crime-Fighting Partner [Exclusive]


The MobileOne iPhone Fingerprint Device (Photo/Provided)
The MobileOne iPhone Fingerprint Device (Photo/Provided)

The next time you are pulled over by police you may encounter a familiar face: your iPhone. Faster than you can say “Book ’em, Dano,” Apple’s handset is quickly becoming law enforcement’s favorite tool for identifying unknown fingerprints. The iPhone’s touchscreen will even be enlisted by the FBI to spot terrorism suspects.