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Makers Of Popular iOS Game “Flight Control” Tease Upcoming Space Version [Video]



Flight Control is one of the most popular games to ever land in the App Store. The game makers, Firemint, won an Apple design award for the beautiful iPhone and iPad app. The next iteration of Flight Control is set to arrive later this month, right in time for the new iPad’s Retina display.

Flight Control Rocket will take you into space for a new set of adventures. This one looks like a whole lot of fun.



Harbor Master for iPad Is Boatloads Of Fun [Review]



If you’re a fan of Flight Control HD, you’ll love Harbor Master HD for the iPad from Imangi Studios. It shares the same principles as Flight Control, although instead of planes you’ve got boats, which you must guide to their corresponding colored docks by drawing their route with your finger, ensuring the boats do not make contact with each other along the way.

The way in which Harbour Master is different to Flight Control is that once you have guided a boat to its dock, you must wait for it to unload its cargo before you can guide it back off to sea. This adds just enough complexity and challenge to the game to prevent it being too simple and boring.