Survival of the fittest: Can Apple Fitness+ crush the competition?


Can the competition keep up with Apple Fitness+?
Get ready for a serious workout with Apple Fitness+.
Photo: Apple

Apple Fitness+ will enter a crowded market when the service launches later this year. Established players like Peloton and Adidas already have a significant head start.

But Apple is in great shape to give them a run for their money. Fitness+ is a logical next step for Cupertino. The upcoming service plugs some significant gaps in Apple’s fitness offering while intelligently leveraging the power of its platform to gain an advantage.

After Apple Fitness+ sprints off the starting line, the competition might find itself struggling to keep up.

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Onyx Fitness App
This smart digital trainer uses 3D motion capture to track and offer real-time feedback on your daily workouts.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Stuck at home, glued to our screens, it’s easier than ever to miss the daily activity our bodies need. Fitness apps all seem to offer the same uninspiring routines, so this smart workout app adds active feedback to help you start moving and stay moving.

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