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Today in Apple history: FireWire wins Apple its first Emmy


FireWire lands Apple its first Emmy.
FireWire lands Apple its first Emmy.
Image: The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences/Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

August 22: Today in Apple history: FireWire wins Apple its first Emmy August 22, 2001: Apple takes home a technical Emmy for developing FireWire, the high-speed serial port that allows users to transfer data quickly between a Macintosh and another device, such as a digital camera.

“Apple enabled the desktop video revolution with its invention of FireWire,” says Jon Rubinstein, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, in a press release. FireWire plays a key role in Steve Jobs’ “digital hub” strategy at Apple. However, the technology’s origins go back much further than that.

Landing Zone Dock Turns A MacBook Air Into A Mini Mac Pro [Review]



Landing Zone byLanding Zone
Category: MacBook Docks
Works With:MacBook Air 13-inch
Price: $200

My 13-inch MacBook Air is a fantastic portable computer – fast, light, crazy battery life and with a “bigger” screen than my old 13-inch aluminum MacBook[1]. But as a desktop computer it sucks: only two USB ports, no Ethernet, and a tiny amount of storage.

Which is exactly why the Landing Zone exists. It’s a dock that stays on your desk, hooked up to all your peripherals, and which grabs onto your MacBook like a facehugger grabs onto, uh, a face.

I’ve been using one for a while now, and it’s almost entirely excellent.

WD My Passport Edge, A USB 3.0 Pocket Drive Fit For Your Mac


The Edge is the hard drive Bono would use.

External hard drives: super handy, but oh-so-slow, especially since Apple put a bullet in the back of FireWire’s head. Thankfully, Western Digital has once again come to the rescue with a neat new addition to its My Passport line of portable drives: The Edge.

These new versions not only look way more high-tech than the previous curvy plastic models, they also support MacBook-friendly USB 3.0.

Thunderbolt + Lightning = Fast And Easy Mountain Lion Installs For Business, Education [Video]


FileWave's new free app makes deploying Lion/Mountain Lion incredibly easy.
FileWave's new free app makes deploying Lion/Mountain Lion incredibly easy.

FileWave launched a new free app called Lightning this week. The new app makes quick and easy work of deploying Mountain Lion (and Lion) to multiple Macs, particularly recent Macs with Thunderbolt. It can be used to roll out existing master images that a business or school has already created as well as a base OS X install that can be customized with a range of files and applications.

Apple Starts Selling (Then Quietly Pulls) New Thunderbolt-To-Firewire Adapter Through Online Store (Update: It’s Back!)



Early this morning, Apple put up a product page for a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter cable on the online Apple Store. Selling for $29.00, the cable would allow Mac owners to run their old Firewire accessories through Apple’s new Thunderbolt standard.

It appears, however, that Apple wasn’t ready for this product to be announced quite yet, as after the new product broke, the page was quietly pulled for unknown reasons. It also doesn’t show up in store search results.

It’s probably a matter of one of Apple’s web monkeys pushing the “go live” button a few hours prematurely, but we’ll let you know when the Thunderbolt to Firewire cable goes back on sale.

Update: It’s back!

Source: Apple
Via: Apple Insider

Turn Any USB Memory Stick Into An Ultra-Secure, Password Protected Filestore [OS X Tips]




It’s time for me to sign off my tipster post here at Cult of Mac. For my final tip, here’s one of my absolute favorites from my book. It describes how to turn any USB memory stick or storage device into an ultra-secure filestore. When inserted into any Mac, a password prompt will appear, just like with expensive ‘government grade secure’ memory sticks, and the contents will be as equally inaccessible to anybody else.