Eidos Will Sell ‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ To Jailbreakers, But Won’t Let Them Play



Apparently The iPhone 5 Has A Laser Keyboard And Projects Holographic Images… No Wonder It Sold Out So Fast [Humor]



No other news agency consistently fails as much as Fox. Take for instance this Fox 5 reporter in NY who decided to head down to the 5th Avenue Apple Store to interview a few of the crazies already lining up for the “most amazing, best Apple product ever.” I was shaking my head until the reporter started listing off some of the new features of the iPhone 5 and let me tell you… I’m packing my sleeping bag as soon as I finish this post!

Chris Pirillo’s Dad Utterly Defeated By Windows 8 [Video]



Journalists and bloggers who have seen Windows 8 have almost universally loved it. Well, the Metro parts at least. It is clean, it jettisons a whole lot of Windows legacy junk and it just looks and feels so cool. But what happens when you put it into the hands of a regular user? Above you see a the father of internet over-sharer Chris Pirillo trying out Windows 8 on the desktop. The result is so frustrating I suggest you skip the first three minutes entirely.

Most Embarrassingly Bad Microsoft Internal Video Ever. UPDATE: On Purpose!


UPDATE: Microsoft says this was their attempt to make the worst internal video ever. MMM…yeah. Interesting spin…

I’ve been wrapping up an all-intensive project at work lately, but I have to break my silence for this: “Rocking Our Sales” by Bruce ServicePack and the Vista Street Band. I don’t really know where to begin. I guess I will just say this. I have no idea if Apple makes lame Bruce Springsteen parody music videos to inspire its channel sales teams, but if it does, I have to assume that it uses better lyrics than “Talk up our Microsoft Application Virtualization…See what’s on employee’s laptops with AIS and MDOP!”

EPIC FAIL, MS! And if anyone is actually inspired to sell more Vista based on this, really think about switching your job. I mean, damn.

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