Majority of Irish voters want government to oppose Apple’s giant tax bill


Irish people are backing Apple.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

A new poll suggests a majority of Irish voters support the Irish government in opposing Apple’s enormous $14.52 billion tax bill for unpaid back taxes in the Republic of Ireland.

47 percent of respondents said they agreed the Irish government was right to back Apple, compared to 39 percent who say it’s wrong to do so, and 14 percent who had no opinion on the subject.

Apple Drops Price of the Mac mini in Europe



Living in the Eurozone, it can often be frustrating to go to buy a new Apple product being appraised of its cost in dollars, only to find Apple charging an amount in euros far greater than what the exchange rate would imply.

In truth, the price discrepancy is usually (mostly) imaginary: if a Mac costs $999 in the States and the same in Euros, most of the discrepancy is made up by the obligatory Value Added Tax. Still, Apple does make a small but real margin on every Mac sold in Europe compared to the price they charge in America… and when the exchange price fluctuates, sometimes Apple can seemingly come way ahead.

It’s good to see Apple occasionally jiggle their European Mac prices to more closely align with the current exchange rate. In fact, Cupertino’s just done exactly that in Europe, dropping the price of the two Mac mini models from £649 to £599 and £929 to £879 in the U.K., and from €809o to €709 and €1149 to €999 in the rest of Europe.

That makes it a good time to buy a mini if you’re a European. You might want to get in on this soon, before the exchange rate fluctuates again and Apple changes its mind.