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Apple ditches Nest for HomeKit-compatible Ecobee


Apple has chucked out the Nest.
Photo: Google

If you have plans this weekend to saunter into your local Apple Store and pick up a Nest thermostat for your increasingly connected home, we have bad news for you: The company is no longer offering the device for sale in either its retail or online stores.

But could Apple interest you in an Ecobee?

First HomeKit-ready thermostat now available at Apple Stores


ecobee 3
The Ecobee 3 smart thermostat.
Photo: ecobee

If you’re starting to figure out how you can use HomeKit to make your house less dumb, you can now get started by heading to the Apple Store and picking up the ecobee3, the first thermostat that works with Apple’s smart-appliance platform.

The device retails for $249, and it’s available in North America Apple Stores today.