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Get Anker’s ‘industry first’ plant-based charging cables and new Nano charger in matching colors


Anker's new bio-cables and Nano 3 charger come in a variety of colors.
Anker's new bio-cables and Nano 3 charger come in a variety of colors.
Photo: Anker

With the iPhone 14 series imminent, Anker rolled out its tiny new Nano 3 wall charger Tuesday along with an “industry-first” set of eco-friendly, bio-based charging cables.

The gallium nitride-based Nano 3 is even smaller than before and packs 30W of power. But the real headliner may be the two sizes of plant-based USB-C charging cables for USB-C and Lighting devices.

And you can get the charger and cables in a choice of fanciful matching colors and at 10% off for two weeks, Anker said.

Now you can shower like Tim Cook without getting soaked


Nebia is bringing Apple-like innovation to the shower.
Photo: Nebia

Nebia, the eco-friendly shower head company adored by Apple CEO Tim Cook, unveiled a new version of its shower system today. Unlike the previous two generations, this one is priced to sell.

The new Nebia shower head is smaller and cheaper than previous models. Nebia launched a Kickstarter for it today, revealing the price has dropped from $499 to just $160. Now almost every home can get a Silicon Valley-style shower.

Check out the new shower head in action:

The great lengths Apple goes to for eco-friendly packaging


Apple's EarPods packaging is some of its most environmentally friendly.
Photo: Apple

Apple has taken big steps toward making its products more sustainable. As part of that mission, it just released a new “Paper and Packaging Strategy” white paper, which lays out the various measures the company is taking to lower the environmental impact its packaging has on the world.

Apple steps up its clean energy efforts in China


Apple is spreading its green initiative to China. Photo: Apple
Apple is now carbon neutral in China. But it's not stopping there.
Photo: Apple

Apple and Foxconn are teaming up to build solar power plants that will ensure its iPhone-manufacturing factories in China run on 100 percent clean energy.

Foxconn has committed to constructing more than 400 megawatts of solar power plants, beginning in China’s Henan Province, by 2018. Apple will also build an addition 200 megawatts of solar projects throughout China, helping offset the carbon produced by the rest of its supply chain.

Tree-hugger Audiophiles Take Note: Thinksound Debuts Their First Wooden Cans, The On1




All of Thinksound’s earphones encompass three basic principles: They’re made of wood; they’re given the sort of pro-green marketing and manufacturing attention that would satisfy even the most spirited hippy; and they offer big, warm sound for a relatively small price.

But aside from its requisite earthy wooden elements and green cred, Thinksound’s new supra-aural On1 studio monitors is taking the small company into uncharted territory.