The Double Is Like Wheels For Your iPad [Macworld 2013]




The show floor at Macworld typically houses a familiar array of gadgets and accessories. There’s plenty of cases, docks, and attachments for your iPhone and iPad that are all essentially the same. Perhaps the most unique product at Macworld, however, is the Double, which Double Robotics describes as “wheels for you iPad.”

The Double is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. At first glance, it almost looks like an iPad mounted on a Segway, but it’s much more than that. You can control the Double from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

AT&T Doubles Down On Upgrade Fee, Reminds Us Why They’re Last In Customer Satisfaction



Starting Sunday AT&T customers will be faced with a $36 fee for upgrading to a new device. This is a 100% increase from the current fee of $18! You ask yourself why, why would AT&T impose a 100% increase on a fee so outlandish that the majority of carriers wave? I say it’s to make up for the 4 billion dollar loss they took on the failed T-Mobile merger. They say it’s because: