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Apple Won’t Be Able To Stop Steve Jobs Action Figure From Going On Sale In Most States


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Remember that Steve Jobs action figure from the other day that Apple is trying to force legally off the market, insinuating they own Steve Jobs’s likeness?

Turns out that it looks like in most states, Apple can’t really do squat to prevent the sale of DiD Corp’s Steve Jobs doll? As it turns out, even if Apple did own Steve Jobs’s likeness, that would only be valid in most states while Jobs was alive. Now that he’s dead, though, almost anyone can profit off of his likeness.

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Apple has not been known to look kindly upon toys made in the likeness of the company’s iconic, recently deceased founder, Steve Jobs.

Any guesses, then, as to how long it’ll take for them to pile on DiD Corp for this eerily accurate action figure of Steve? The 30 centimeter statue is available now for preorder at just $99.99 and will supposedly ship out in February, but if Apple hasn’t sent a strongly worded letter (and, failing that, some pipe-wielding muscle) to DiD Corp by then, preventing the sale of the device, well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

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