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Affinity Publisher is incredibly powerful, surprisingly affordable


Affinity Publisher does it all — and plays nicely with other Affinity apps.
Photo: Serif

Serif just delivered its latest Affinity app for Mac and PC — and it looks like an essential purchase for publishers.

Affinity Publisher is a professional desktop publishing client that has Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo baked-in for seamless vector design and image editing. It’s packed full of other useful features, too, and it won’t break the bank.

Need Publisher for Mac? Give Lucidpress a try


Lucidpress gives you all the power of Publisher or InDesign.
Lucidpress gives you all the power of Publisher or InDesign.
Image: Lucidpress

This post is brought to you by Lucidpress.

Anyone involved in digital publishing is pretty much forced to work with one of two applications: Microsoft’s Publisher or Adobe’s InDesign. The pricing of the two reflects the fact that they’re the only two games in town. And since Publisher is PC-only, Mac users have only one option.

Lucidpress thinks people are hungry for a viable alternative, so it’s created a web-based publishing platform that’s as scalable and feature-rich as any of the big-name desktop software — but priced for access to anybody.

Swift Publisher 3: Easy Page Layout On Your Mac [Deals]



When an app reaches the Top Ten Grossing List in the “Graphics and Design” category of the Mac App Store, and remains there since its March 2012 launch, there’s a good reason behind it. The app we’re offering this time around through Cult of Mac Deals fits that description…and then some.

Need to quickly lay out documents and get them ready for publishing? Swift Publisher is a page layout and desktop publishing app that is designed to streamline your workflow – and you can have it for just $9.99.

How To Learn The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Efficiently And Effectively [Deals]


CoM - AdobeCreativeCloud

I remember trying to wrap my head around the Adobe suite a few years ago, and at first I used trial and error to make things happen. Needless to say, things didn’t happen. Then I picked up several books on the software suite, but they only provided some marginal help… at best.

I’ve given up on learning Adobe’s stuff (mainly because I don’t believe I can give learning it the attention it deserves), but if you’ve been wanting to get a solid grasp on Adobe’s new Creative Cloud then there’s no time like the present. Cult of Mac Deals is offering a video course—called The Adobe Authorized Creative Cloud Bundle—for only $79 that will help you get a leg up on this powerful software suite.

Create Professional Documents With iStudio Publisher [Deals]


CoM - StudioFrame

Let’s face it: print documents are not outdated, as much as the “paperless movement” is gaining steam. But there is no question the method of obtaining print materials by messing with local print publishers is an unnecessary inconvenience. iStudio Publisher allows you to create professional looking documents from the comfort of your home or office.

And at $14.99 through Cult of Mac Deals, this software is well worth it…even if you only use it once.

Master The Art Of Creative Page Layout With The Adobe InDesign CS6 Master Class [Deals]


CoM - AdobeID

Have you ever wanted to use Adobe InDesign better than ever before? If so, this Cult of Mac Deals offer is going to be right up your alley.

The Adobe InDesign CS6 Master Class will help you, the budding designer, open up a new world of creativity. You’ll learn to create professional looking content documents from basic brochures to engaging interactive and animated projects for multiple platforms. This video course will teach you everything you need to know to get started and will even get into the advanced features of the program to turn you into an expert. And for a limited time, you can get this course for only $39.

Sampler – See What Your Fonts Will Look Like Before Committing Them To A Design [OS X Tips]


A waterfall of letters and numbers.
A veritable waterfall of letters and numbers.

Doing any design work? Creating an office newsletter, classroom report, or client brochure? Chances are you’ll be needing some fonts. The Mac may have ushered in the era of desktop publishing many moons ago, but we’re still at the mercy of our own (or our clients’) good taste or lack thereof.

If you’re trying to decide between different fonts for a particular project, you might want to print out a font sampler, which contains all the different fonts you are looking at in a nice, easily shared format. Font Book, the app that handles fonts on your Mac, can do this for you easily, at least in Mac OS X 10.7.3. Here’s how to make that happen.