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Dave Bautista’s blind rage spices up See’s second season [Apple TV+ review]


See season 2 review: Big Dave Bautista almost makes See worth seeing.
Big Dave Bautista almost makes See worth seeing.
Photo: Apple TV+

For season 2 of See, show creator Steven Knight warms up a second helping of his weird, post-apocalyptic gumbo for Apple TV+. This time, he spices things up with a key ingredient — the inimitable Dave Bautista — that almost redeems See’s crazy mix of bizarre rituals, bombastic fight scenes and bad dialogue.

The addition of Bautista proves most welcome indeed. The former pro wrestler and Guardians of the Galaxy star lends his steely gravitas to a sprawling show that wants nothing more than to make its mark as a sci-fi epic.

In season 2, which kicks off on Apple TV+ today, we learn a lot more about living in a blind society. And we come to grips with a blood feud that will haunt all concerned.

Dave Bautista makes his entrance in the trailer for season 2 of See on Apple TV+


See series two
He's here!
Photo: Apple

The trailer for season two of Apple TV+ series See gives us our first glimpse of new star Dave Bautista in the post-apocalyptic series. Bautista is best known for playing Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, as well as for his Batista-bombing escapades as a former heavyweight champ in WWE.

In See season two he plays Edo Voss, brother of Jason Momoa’s character Baba Voss. Check out the trailer below.