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Reddit updates let you see how others are reacting right now


New features in Reddit should drive engagement across the site, the company said.
New features in Reddit should drive engagement across the site, the company said.
Photo: Reddit

Social media site Reddit unveiled several new features Wednesday that let users immediately see how others are reacting to content in various ways. The changes should give users a better idea of what’s most popular — or unpopular — on the site. The company said they should increase engagement across Reddit.

Tim Cook starts his morning reading comments from Apple customers


Tim Cook with a 2018 WWDC scholarship winner.
Apple’s CEO pays attention to what people outside the company are saying about its products.
Screencap: Apple

If you’ve ever wondered if anyone at Apple ever sees the online comments people post about iPhone, Mac, etc., you can rest easy: No less a person than CEO Tim Cook reads them every day.

And you might be surprised at how much time he spends doing so.

Bring The Conversation To Your To-Do List With Comments For Wunderlist Pro



Wunderlist, the hugely popular cross-platform productivity app that now boasts over 5.3 million users worldwide, got a new feature called Comments this week, which brings the conversation to your to-do list. If you use Wunderlist in a professional environment, you can now discuss tasks and projects with your team within individual to-dos.

What’s more, you can now try Comments — as well as Files and Assigning — for free for a limited time, without signing up to Wunderlist Pro.

Use Shared Photo Streams On iOS The Right Way [Feature]


Shared Photo Stream

Shared Photo Streams came along with iOS 6, allowing us all to create our own little photo sharing social networks using nothing more than an iCloud account and our iOS devices. Creating and sharing Photo Streams is dead-simple, but managing some of the more non-intuitive features, like comments and subscribers, can be a bit tricky for the uninitiated.

We took a look at these new features and put together a guide on using Shared Photo Streams to help you get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when creating and sharing your photos with your friends and family.

Adobe Updates Its Reader For Android And iOS, Adds Sticky Notes, Ink Signatures, And More



Adobe Reader for Android and iOS received a hefty update today, adding a slew of new features and enhancing performance across the board. We’ll highlight these new features for you below and then send you over to the Adobe blog where they have done an excellent job at explaining what has been added and improved in the latest Adobe Reader update.

Housekeeping: We’ve Switched To Disqus For Comments (Please Be Patient)


Disqus office sign. Photo by zzwannabedjzz:
Disqus office sign. Photo by zzwannabedjzz: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zzwannabedjzz/2543864085/

If you’re wondering were all the comments went, they’re currently being imposted into Disqus. We’ve switched to Disqus, a commenting platform with all kinds of great features, including great social integration, notifications and multimedia.

When it’s up and running, it promises to be a great system. However, importing the old comments can sometimes take a while: maybe even two or three days.

That’s for existing comments. New comments should post immediately. Fingers crossed it’s up and running quickly. In the meantime, please leave any questions, comments or complaints in — you guessed it — the new comments system.

And thanks for your patience — Leander.