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This rollable electronic chessboard is on sale for a limited time


Play online or face-to-face with this e-Chessboard.
This electronic chessboard, which lets you face off against online opponents, also can teach you to play better.
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Square Off Pro is an interactive electronic chessboard that lets you play in person or online with the same physical pieces. Dubbed “the world’s first rollable tournament e-chessboard,” the Square Off Pro is on sale now for $225 (regularly $249).

Want to learn chess after watching The Queen’s Gambit? Get 92% off these courses.


Take your game to the next level with this fun hobby
Take your chess game to the next level with these discounted courses.
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Smash-hit Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit left us with two feelings.

  1. We need a stylish midcentury wardrobe.
  2. Competitive chess is cool and we want to play it right now.

Whether you want to brush up your chess skills to Beth Harmon level or simply learn a fun new hobby over the winter, here are the best courses to do it. Even better, we identified the finest chess courses offering great deals right now, with discounts of up to 92%. Now that’s a smart move.

Checkmate! Cheating chess master caught using iPod touch


The one time Apple probably would've been happy to see an Android device pop up in the news. Photo: Telegraph
The one time Apple probably would've been happy to see an Android device pop up in the news. Photo: Telegraph

A chess Grandmaster could be slapped with a 15-year ban after being caught using an iPod touch to cheat.

Georgian champion Gaioz Nigalidze’s strategy involved rushing to the toilet between moves to consult his iOS device, which was reportedly hidden in a cubicle, behind the toilet pan and covered with paper. On it he had stored a chess app which was set up to follow his moves.

Cheating? There’s an app for that.

Tall Chess For iPhone, Like Letterpress Meets Chess



Tall Chess might as well have been called “LetterChess:” it’s like a cross between the amazingly addictive Letterpress and actual, you know, chess. It’s an iPhone 5 game (hence the “tall” part – it uses the whole of the iPhone’s screen to show the board), and it lets you play the great game against folks you’ll find on Game Center.

No, Microsoft Didn’t Bring Halo 4 To iOS – This $4.99 Scam Is A Game Of Chess



While Apple has managed to keep the App Store free from malware, it seems the Cupertino company has a hard time filtering out scams. Every so often, a shameless developer tries their luck at selling a title that promises to be something it isn’t. The latest claims to be a Halo 4 clone that is “iPhone/iPad exclusive.” They’ve gone through the trouble of writing a lengthy App Store description in an effort to fool you into thinking it’s the real thing. But in reality, it’s just a $4.99 game of chess.

How To Play Chess Or Checkers Via iMessage [Image]



Last week we discovered the funniest way to play Connector Four on an iPhone. It’s silly and slightly painful, but completely awesome in a nerdy way. Now someone’s raised the stakes and figured out that you can also create games of Checkers or Chess using emoji. If you’re really bored trying to figure out how to celebrate Columbus Day today, now you have an activity that’s guaranteed to take up a few hours of your time.


Source: Reddit

Social Chess Is The Best Way To Get Your iCheckmate On [Daily Freebie]



Let’s face it: Chess is pretty geeky. Then again, so is the iPad (c’mon, it is). Blend the two though, and you’ve got…well, let’s just say that playing chess on an iPad at your local coffee hangout is a Wookie’s fingernail-width less geeky than insert-hyperbolic-geek-stereotype-here.

Who cares though; with its portability, large screen and potential to reach all 600 million chess players around the world, the iPad is the ultimate gadget for playing electronic chess, and the free Social Chess app is the way to play.