Wooden iPhone charging stations make any workspace classier [Deals]


Oakywood Rounup
This roundup of wooden charging stations and stands makes a classy addition to any desktop.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

No matter how many posters or tchotchkes you get, the modern workspace can look pretty bleak. One way to add some life to your desk is to update the necessaries, like charging stations for your iPhone. These wood charging stations from Oakywood do just that, in a variety of designs that make any desktop warmer and more inviting, so we’ve rounded up four of the best. Most discounted by over a third, read on for more details:

Quickly revive 3 devices with one wireless charging hub [Deals]


AirDock 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station
De-clutter your desk and juice up 3 devices at once with this powerful charging hub.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Our lives are getting crowded with wireless devices, from phones to watches to wireless earbuds. Unfortunately, we’re not getting extra outlets in our walls, and no one wants a desk covered with wireless charging pads. So this 3-in-1 wireless charging station can help keep things convenient and tidy.

HoverDock charging bed for Apple Watch doubles as alarm clock [Watch Store]


Just Mobile's HoverDock is a minimalist, chic charging solution for Apple Watch.
Photo: Courtesy of Just Mobile

Keep your Apple Watch fired up and ready to go this holiday season with the HoverDock from Just Mobile — makers of design-award winning charging docks and stands for Apple Watch. Pack this compact dock for charging while traveling, or use as a bedside alarm clock.

Just Mobile continues to impress us with its great Apple-centric accessories, and is well-known as a company who’s ethos is great design. We’re excited to feature Just Mobile’s full range of elegant charging solutions for Apple Watch in our Watch Store — the TimeStand, Lounge Dock and, now, the HoverDock. At $34.95, the HoverDock makes a great gift or stocking-stuffer.

Best List: Luxury charging stand for Apple Watch throws a curve [Review]


The CalypsoTimeless Charging Stand consists of a simple arch form swathed in soft, European leather and held together by meticulous stitching.
Photo: CalypsoCrystal

Best List: CalypsoTimeless Cuvette Charging Stand for Apple Watch

When a high-tech accessory doubles as something else I’m always intrigued. In this instance, I’m looking at a charging stand that not only powers up my Apple Watch, but is a great art piece independent of its charging capabilities.

Apple begins selling official Watch charging dock


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 14.09.19
Finally, a dignified way to charge your Apple Watch!
Photo: Apple

Apple today launched an official $79 charging dock for the Apple Watch, which functions both as a flat charging puck and in Nightstand mode — giving you the option of either charging your smartwatch in a flat position with the band open, or else on its side.

Your Apple Watch will sparkle on this bejeweled charger


This crystal-encrusted charging dock for the Apple Watch and iPhone can be had for $5,000.
This crystal-encrusted charging dock for the Apple Watch and iPhone can be had for $5,000.
Photo: Defined Corp.

Watch snobs say the Apple Watch could never be a true collector’s items. But there is one Apple Watch charger guaranteed to be a pricey collectible.

It is saucer-shaped, gold in color and encrusted with 1,000 Swarovski crystals. Act now and you could own one of 10 for $5,000.

Apple Awarded Induction Docking Station Patent



So, yeah, like clipping the white 30-pin docking cable to the bottom of my iPad and iPhone is SO difficult. You kids these days have it easy. Back when I got my first iPhone, the docking cable had little freakin’ buttons you had to press on the sides just to disconnect it. Man, those were the days.

Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah. Patents. One specific patent, in particular.