This Is What iOS 6’s Revolutionary New Maps Application Looks Like [Gallery]


BGR's composite mock-up based upon a series of images of iOS 6's new leaked to them from within Apple.

Rumor has had it for the past few months that Apple was going to phase out its reliance upon Google’s Maps API in iOS 6 in favor of its own revolutionary new mapping system, which it has been working on off-and-on since 2009. Now Boy Genius Report has exclusive images of what they say is the new iOS 6 Maps app in action, and boy, if the composite mock-up they put together based on those images is anything to go by,  it looks like a total game changer.

Apple Will Ditch Google Maps In iOS 6 In Favor Of Its Own 3D Maps Service [Rumor]


Apple's 3D maps service is expected to get its debut in iOS 6.
Apple's 3D maps service is expected to get its debut in iOS 6.

Following Apple’s acquisition of several mapping companies over the years, it has always seemed inevitable that the company would one day wave goodbye to Google Maps in iOS in favor of its own, in-house service. That’s exactly what will happen when iOS 6 makes its debut later this year, according to one report.

Apple is expected to launch its own maps service, which offers an innovative 3D view mode, allowing you to view city stunning cityscapes in all their glory.

Apple’s Next-Gen Map Tech Could Show X-Rays Of Buildings, Too


Street View

We recently told you about Apple’s acquisition of geo mapping company C3 Technologies. By utilizing state of the art satellite technology, C3 Technologies specialized in enhanced 3D maps that put Google’s map images to shame.

C3 Technologies was apparently working on more than just beautiful 3D mapping. The company was also focusing on making interior mapping a reality.

Apple May Have Just Bought The Company Behind The Most Sci-Fi Mapping Tech You’ll Ever See


Earlier this year, a little Swedish company called C3 Technologies took CES by storm, demonstrating their incredible iOS and Android apps that leveraged formerly top secret missile targeting technology to create ultra-realistic 3D maps.

Fast forward seven months, and C3 Technologies’ website is a ghost town, and C3’s parent company, Saab, has sold off it’s 57.8% stake in the company in a deal that is worth over $157 million dollars.

So who bought them? Our best guess: Apple.