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Today in Apple history: The Byte Shop, Apple’s first retailer, opens


Paul Terrell founded The Byte Shop on his birthday.
Paul Terrell founded The Byte Shop on his birthday.
Photo: NextShark/Paul Terrell

December 8: Today in Apple history: Early computer store The Byte Shop, Apple's first retailer, opens December 8, 1975: San Francisco Bay Area entrepreneur Paul Terrell opens The Byte Shop, one of the world’s first computer stores — and the first to sell an Apple computer.

Years before Apple would open its own retail outlets, the Byte Shop stocks the first 50 Apple-1 computers built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Today in Apple history: Unique Apple-1 computer sells for big money


Steve Wozniak shows off a
Steve Wozniak shows off a "Celebration" model Apple-1, the rarest version of Apple's rarest computer.
Photo: Charitybuzz

August 25: Today in Apple history: Rare Celebration Apple-1 computer sells for big money August 25, 2016: An ultra-rare Apple-1 computer raises $815,000 in a charity auction, one of the highest prices ever paid for one of the machines. Bidding actually reaches $1.2 million in the auction’s final minutes. However, that bid gets pulled seconds before a winner is announced.

The reason for the super-high price? This “Celebration” Apple-1 boasts a feature that did not appear on any production models of the computer.

These Are Some Of The First Apple Computer Photos Ever


This is a naked-but-assembled Apple-1 with an uncased keyboard

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first decided to make a computer together their first invention was the Apple-1. At first, the Apple-I was just a do-it-yourself computer making kit. Buyers would have to solder the chips onto the circuit board, then find other parts like the power supply, keyboard, and display.

As the owner of the Byte Shop in Mountain View California, Paul Terrell was approached by Jobs and Woz to sell their DIY computer kits. Terrell told them he really needed computers that are fully assembled and that he’d buy 50 Apple-1s if Jobs and Woz put them together. They struck a deal and Byte Shop became the first Apple retailers. Thirty six year later, Terrell recently posted pictures of some of the first Apple-1s ever. Check them out below: