Internet musical asks, ‘What would Steve Jobs do?’


Who better to turn to in your moment of need?
Photo: Burning Man: The Musical

If you ever find yourself asking “What would Steve Jobs do?” in a bleak moment of crisis, you may well find yourself enjoying the latest would-be viral video.

Called Burning Man: The Musical, the short music video portrays the excitement around the annual Burning Man hippie-fest-turned-tech-networking-event, where zillionaire CEOs get together and pretend to be penniless beatniks for a couple of days, while staying in air-conditioned wigwams and attending $15,000-per-head parties.

Oh, and the video’s got a great Steve Jobs-themed song, too.

Look high, look low: Teleport your head with this weird device



Out on the street with the EYEteleporter. Photo: EYEteleporter

Looking low. Photo: EYEteleporter

Two mirrors are required to get you looking the right way. Photo: EYEteleporter

Looking High. Photo: EYEteleporter

The new things you will be able to see with your EYEteleporter. Photo: EYEteleporter

Tired of looking at the world from the same old perspective? Need a fresh take on things? A new point of view?

Well, you have less than two weeks to get your hands on an EYEteleporter, an outlandish, periscope-style device that will give you a unique perspective on the world.

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