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Secret Apple data spilled through public Box links


Store your Pages and GarageBand files anywhere, not just in iCloud Drive.
Are you exposing sensitive data in the cloud?
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Apple is one of a larger number of big companies that has been inadvertently leaking sensitive data through Box, the cloud storage service.

Security researchers found that staff were exposing data by sharing public links to files and documents that can be easily discovered. It’s thought more than 90 companies, including Box itself, are affected.

One app keeps all your cloud storage under control


Easily manage all your cloud drives from one familiar interface.
Easily manage all your cloud drives from one familiar interface.
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This post is presented by iMobie.

These days, cloud storage is pretty much a must. It’s so common that many of us use at least two cloud services — maybe iCloud for photos and music, Google Drive for professional files, Dropbox for work stuff and so on. That means a lot of passwords to remember, and a lot of jumping between windows.

On eBay, a Galaxy Note 7 box is worth more than the phone


galaxy note 7
There's some consolation for Note 7 owners.
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Now that Samsung has asked for all Galaxy Note 7 units to be returned and ceased production, the device is worthless. Even if you decide to keep yours (which you shouldn’t), it’s going to have no resale value. But you might be surprised to learn that its box has.

Some Note 7 owners have already taken to selling their packaging on eBay, and some listings are calling for as much as $60.

Apple adds Box veteran to boost enterprise efforts


Kate Appleton will be in charge of getting more businesses to use iPhones and Macs.
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Apple’s push to become a great company for large companies as well as consumers is getting a big boost this week with the hiring of former Box employee Karen Appleton who has joined the company in an enterprise-focused role.

Appleton revealed last week that she was leaving Box after working with the company since 2007 as employee number 8, but she hasn’t said what exactly she will be doing for Apple.

Ol’ fumble finger finds perfect protection for his iPhone 6 Plus


The Otter Box Defender series brings peace of mind.
The Otter Box Defender series brings peace of mind.
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Best List: Otter Box Defender Case for iPhone 6 Plus

It happened again yesterday: My beautiful, coveted iPhone 6 Plus found itself airborne, tumbling through time and space. I think it knew where it was headed — I certainly did. I could hear the horrifying noise even before it happened. The inevitable bone-chilling sound of my iOS 9 goodness coming in Force Touch contact with the tile.

I do this often enough to know my cat is running short on lives. This time I lucked out again, but I know the shatter is inevitable. So I’ve turned to the grandfather of iPhone protection: Otter Box and its almost-bombproof Defender series.

Write’s smart toolset makes note-taking easier on your Mac



Write, the distraction-free note-taking tool that’s been a great success on iOS, is ready to make writing easier on your Mac.

Whether you’re a student, a blogger, a novelist, or simply too forgetful to remember what you need to pack your holiday, Write’s incredibly simple design and clutter-free user interface can make writing a more enjoyable experience. But don’t let its minimal beauty fool you — Write is packed with handy features.

Is This One Of The iPhone 5’s Two Official Retail Box Designs?


Looks legit.

Jeff Benjamin at the iDownload Blog thinks it is. Comparing it to the tiny box shot on the official Apple iPhone 5 ordering page, it looks legit, and also looks as if white iPhone 5s and black iPhone 5s will be shipping in vastly different boxes: all black for the black model, mostly white and light-toned for the white model:

Looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to rip open mine.

Source: iDownload Blog

CloudOn Teases New Group Editing And Collaboration Tools For Office-On-iPad App


CloudOn wants to beyond just offering Office on the iPad with new collaborative functionality
CloudOn wants to beyond just offering Office on the iPad with new collaborative functionality

CloudOn is one of the more interesting options for working with Office documents on the iPad. The company offers a cloud-based version of the core Microsoft Office apps plus Adobe Reader. Unlike a virtual desktop solution, CloudOn provides just the applications and not a full Windows desktop. When it comes to creating and editing documents, CloudOn’s app relies on popular cloud storage options: Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

As a startup, CloudOn has seen strong growth since it launched its service earlier this year. The company announced a new round of funding this week ($16 million) and used the opportunity to tease users with details of its upcoming plans, most notably support for group editing and collaboration as well as expansion beyond the iPad and Android tablets.