Box Offers Free 50GB To Celebrate iOS 7 Update



Box has updated its iOS apps for iOS 7, and seems to have gotten a little drunk at the celebration party: Box is giving a free 50GB storage to anyone who downloads the new app in the next 30 days. Or 29 days, I guess, as the announcement came yesterday.

I never used Box before, so I can’t comment on the differences between the new app and the old, but Box says that its been completely redesigned for speed and ease of use.

For instance, photos load at low res and then high res so you can get a quick look even on slow connections; you can preview most file types right there in the app; you get full-text search inside all your files; and you can bulk move, copy and delete files.

It looks pretty good, especially as 50GB is enough to hold all my photos plus a good chunk of my other stuff. And I’ve heard good things about Box’s photo-browsing, too. Still, who cares? It’s 50GB of free cloud storage. Who wouldn’t want that?

Source: Box Blog