BoxTone Offers iOS Management And Enterprise Integration [Mobile Management Month]


Boxton offers device, app, and expense management plus enterprise partnerships
Boxton offers device, app, and expense management plus enterprise partnerships

May is Mobile Management Month at Cult of Mac, where we will be profiling a different mobile management company every weekday. You can find all previous entries here  and read our Mobile Management manifesto here.

Boxtone offers a range of mobile management capabilities for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. The company has strategic partnerships with multiple carriers as a device and expense management solution. Boxtone also has partnerships with companies like Good and Accellion for secure on-device data storage as well as a range of other enterprise technology vendors. These relationships can help integrate services that Boxtone doesn’t provide one its own. The company also offers a support and operation management capabilities that go beyond traditional mobile management.

Company: Boxtone
Product(s): Boxtone
Type of solution(s): device and app management

Platforms supported beyond iOS: Android, BlackBerry

Licensing Model: perpetual and recurring licensing options
Includes/Offers Maintenance Updates?: optional
Technical support options: 24/7 support

Deployment options: cloud service, on-premise software

Failover and load balancing options: supports server failover and load balancing

Scalability: supports multiple locations and location-specific administration

Directory system integration: Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP

Administrative tool options: web/cloud

Data export capabilities: device hardware, device ownership, device usage (including after hours use) installed configuration profiles, installed apps

Expense management features: track voice and data use, optional integration with telecom expense management

Device enrollment mechanism(s): website, email
Support for secure/authenticated enrollment?: Yes
Security certificate features: Certificates for SCEP enrollment, Exchange, Wi-Fi, VPN

Remote/On Demand administrative actions: remove passcode, lock, wipe

App management options: enterprise app store with custom and public apps, admin alert for unauthorized app install