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Apple will replace batteries on faulty MacBook Pros that won’t charge beyond 1%


Apple will swap out the battery for free.
Photo: Apple

According to Apple, a “very small number” of MacBook Pros sold in 2016 and 2017 have an issue that stops the battery charging beyond 1%.

As a result, Apple has launched a free battery replacement program to swap out these faulty batteries — so that customers can join the rest of us in the exclusive “our batteries charge up to 100%” club.

Apple wildly underestimates demand for cheap iPhone batteries


Right to Repair
Apple's first 5nm chips are expected to ship in iPhone and iPad this year.
Photo: iFixit

Apple reportedly replaced a whopping 11 million iPhone batteries last year — 10 times as many as anticipated.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has already cited this as one of the reasons why new iPhone sales are slowing. It is believed the company expected to perform between 1 and 2 million replacements under its heavily-discounted $29 program.

Get your inexpensive iPhone battery replacement while you can


iPhone batteries
Battery brand no longer complicates an iPhone repair job.
Photo: iFixIt

If you weren’t tempted by an iPhone XR or XS, and you’ve decided to hold onto your older handset for another year, you should really consider getting the battery replaced. This will add years of usefulness. 

Even better, Apple is offering a special deal that makes it just $29. But this low price is available only for one more months.