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New Luvvitt Ultra-Thin iPad Keyboard Comes With Fruity-Colored Backlighting And Lots Of Juice



When we spotted Luvvitt’s backlit Ultrathin iPad mini keyboard cover last month at CES, Luvvitt CEO Eli Altaras told us we’d see a version for the iPad at some point. It’s just popped up on Luvvitt’s website, packing the same rainbow backlighting as the mini version, in the same ultra-light profile. And it’s got a beefed-up battery to boot.

Logitech Announces New ‘Easy-Switch’ Wireless Keyboard For Your Mac & iOS Devices


I want one of these.

Logitech produces some of the best portable keyboards there are for the iPad, and it’s just announced another that will also work with your Mac, too. But not only is it compatible with both Mac and iOS devices, its awesome ‘Easy-Switch’ feature allows you to connect to up to three via Bluetooth at the same time and then quickly switch between them at the touch of a button.

Zagg Launches Backlit iPad Keyboard




Over at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin. Zagg has launched a couple of new iPad keyboards. And one of them, the Pro Plus, has something I have missed ever since I took to typing on my iPad in the corners of dark and seedy bars: a keyboard backlight.

Apple Working on a Wireless Keyboard with Backlighting?



An interesting option within the System Preferences of the new lineup of iMacs launched yesterday has led to speculation that Apple could be working on a new wireless keyboard with backlit keys. Backlit keyboards are currently a luxury only those with MacBook Pros can enjoy.

Within the keyboard menu of System Preferences, users have the option to “Illuminate keyboard in low light conditions.” Without an Apple wireless keyboard equipped with backlighting, this preference obviously has no use whatsoever. Which leads us to believe that, unless Apple made a rare mistake with some code, they’re currently working on a nice new keyboard in the Cupertino camp.

Using a MacBook Pro with a backlit keyboard in low light conditions really is incredibly useful, and I’d be first in line for a backlit keyboard for my desk.

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