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These are Apple's picks for the year's best apps
This has been a great year for the App Store, Apple says.
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Two great sleep-tracker apps for Apple Watch


apple watch sleep tracking
Photo: Danny G/Unsplash

The new Apple Watch series 5, running watchOS 6, can track just about any kind of activity. But one thing it doesn’t track is your sleep. Or at least, it doesn’t offer sleep-tracking in a native form. That’s left to third-party app makers. Today we’ll see two great apps to do just that. One is ultra-simple, and the other is super deep. Let’s take a look.

Apple has no plans to scrap iMessage apps and games


Don't freak out.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple has no intention of scrapping iMessage games — despite some of the rumors you might be reading online this week.

Stories surrounding the supposed move started trending on Twitter, causing some fans to freak about the feature’s removal. But at no point has Apple stated that it will close the iMessage App Store.

Eventide brings iconic music effects to iOS


Eventide effects inside GarageBand on iPad.
Ths is wild -- you can use Eventide effects inside GarageBand on iPad.
Photo: Eventide

Eventide, one of the most important creators of musical effects, and the inventor of many crazy audio-mangling ideas, is now making effects apps for the iPhone and iPad. This is just about as big as news can get for musicians working on iOS. For those outside the world of music-creation, Eventide is roughly equivalent to Adobe, and the release of these apps is like Photoshop’s entry into mobile.

iOS musicians can now enjoy three effects from Eventide, all of which are Audio Units (plugins for other apps), and all of which run on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Hook creates smart connections between documents on Mac


Hooks, on cranes.
Hooks, on cranes.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Imagine that you’re working on a document on your Mac. At some point, you’ll need to take a look at those emails about the project, or check that photo you snapped of the whiteboard. Maybe you have them all open already, in your perfectly organized workspace. But what about when you come back to that document tomorrow, or next month?

What if you could tap a key, and a panel would pop up, with all those linked documents listed? You could just click on one to open it. That’s what you get with Hook, a new Mac app that links documents together so you never need to go searching for them again.