How to schedule your meetings automatically


WhenWorks Never negotiate meeting times again.
Never negotiate meeting times again.
Photo: WhenWorks

You know when somebody wants to meet up with you, and you end up spending so much time going back and forth trying to agree a time and date that you end up hating that person, and cancel the meeting? Maybe you just lost a multi-million dollar contract for your company, and it’s all the fault of scheduling annoyances1.

WhenWorks fixes that by letting folks book time with you online, using a form that is connected to the calendar on your iPhone.

Things for iPad adds insanely good keyboard shortcuts


Things now has the best keyboard support of any iOS app
Things now has the best keyboard support of any iOS app
Photo: Cult of Mac

Cultured Code’s lovely to-do app Things just got a massive update on iOS, and set the standard for iPad keyboard support at the same time. Now you can control pretty much anything from the keyboard, in a way that’s intuitive and useful, and not just there for power-nerds.

Also — finally — this update lets you drag tasks onto the Things sidebar to add them to your lists.

Killzapper zaps annoying webpage elements


killzapper removes web pages annoyances
Killzapper can remove pretty much anything from a web page.
Photo: Robert McGoldrick/Flickr CC

Did you ever visit a website and find something annoying? The answer is, of course, yes. Ad-blockers and content blockers strip a lot of the junk from a page, but there may be other elements — videos, popups, hideous profile photos on forums, which just annoy you. Today, we’ll see how to get rid of those irritating elements with a single click, using Brett Terpstra’s Killzapper.

Cross-platform iOS and macOS apps may not arrive until 2019


Mac apps? iOS apps? There soon might be no difference.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac