Apple Watch Series 2 could be twice as successful as the original


Apple Watch
Apple is betting big on Apple Watch Series 2
Photo: Apple

Apple has reportedly ramped up both chip and component orders for the Apple Watch Series 2, with monthly shipment orders for August and September both surpassing two million units.

Provided order numbers remain at this level, it could suggest the Apple Watch Series 2 will sell double what Apple’s first-gen Apple Watch managed, with year one sales reported to total 12 million units.

Apple Watch 2 will be 40 percent slimmer, claims dodgy analyst


Apple Watch
The next Apple Watch might be a lot thinner.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

The next Apple Watch might arrive sooner than expected, based on a new rumor claiming Apple’s new wearable will be unveiled in June.

Not only is the new watch ahead of schedule, it may even sport a 40-percent-thinner design, hopefully without compromising on battery life.

Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

‘AppleSupport’ has been tweeting like tweens


AppleSupport Twitter
AppleSupport is open for every question on Twitter.
Photo: Twitter

It’s only been around for about 33 hours, and it was off for nine of them, but Apple’s official support Twitter account has averaged about 1.8 tweets per minute since it premiered yesterday morning.

That amounts to a total (as of this writing) of 3,492 posts, most of which are in direct reply to iDevice users who could use a hand.

Apple Support comes to your rescue on Twitter


Apple's got your back.
Photo: Apple

If you’ve got a question for Apple — or simply want to pick up some new tips and tricks for your iOS device or Mac — Apple has launched a brand new Twitter account to help you.

Launched this morning, @AppleSupport has already sent out 137 tweets, covering everything from Apple IDs to downloading app updates, to its 21,200 users.