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Flappy Bird Developer Succeeds With New App Shuriken Block [Video Review]



While the smash-hit app Flappy Bird has been removed from the App Store, developer Dong Nguyen has still found success with a few of his other games. Consistently ranking at the top of the app charts how will Nguyen’s new game Shuriken Block rank in your interests?

Take a look at Shuriken Block and see how it compares to the hype and popularity of the late Flappy Bird.

This is a Cult Of Mac video review of the iOS application “Shuriken Block” brought to you by Joshua Smith of “TechBytes W/Jsmith.”

Photoshop Touch Proves iPad Is Every Bit A Real Computer [Reviews]


Photoshop Touch is probably all the Photoshop most people need
Photoshop Touch is probably all the Photoshop most people need

I have been using Photoshop Touch almost obsessively for the past week, despite being holed up in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for much of that time. At first look, I thought it was yet another photo-editing app, and in many ways it is. But as I dig in more and more, its clear that — while this is no substitute for desktop Photoshop — its an amazing app in itself. And all the more so as it runs in just 512KB RAM.

First, what Photoshop Touch for? That’s not as dumb a question as it might seem.

The Best Facebook Apps for iPad [App List]


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Infinity Blade: An Elegiac App Store Masterpiece [Review]