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Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9’s powerful solutions secure your Mac


Mac Premium Bundle X9 protects your computer from online threats with five apps.
Mac Premium Bundle X9 safeguards your precious computer.
Image: Intego

This Mac security post is presented by Intego.

Macs have a reputation for being less vulnerable than PCs to online threats like malware and viruses, but your machine is certainly not invulnerable. Far from it, actually. It can pay to invest in a suite of security apps like those in Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 to protect your Mac from a variety of online threats.

Get a free Windows Pro 10 key with antivirus software purchase


BZFuture offers a free Windows Pro 10 activation key with antivirus software purchase.
Photo: BZFuture

This antivirus software with Windows key post is presented by BZFuture.

Cybercriminals use complex methods to hijack, damage and exploit your computer and data. They think know more than you do — and maybe they do. At least for now. But their success relies on you remaining lazy, overly busy and ignorant. And since you already know you need potent protection, it’s no great leap to realize products offered by BZFuture can assist you. Does it help even more that the reseller now offers a free Windows Pro 10 activation key with purchase of antivirus protection? Sure it does.

Keeping a healthy Mac requires strong antivirus protection


Protect your Mac from viruses the easy way with Dr. Antivirus Mac antivirus.
Protect your Mac from viruses the easy way with Dr. Antivirus.
Photo: Tim Gouw/Pexels CC

This post is presented by Trend Micro, maker of Dr. Antivirus.

In some ways, our Macs are a lot like us. They live in a world full of bugs and viruses that can compromise their systems, slow them down, even kill them. Just like people, the best way to stay on top of health threats is to get regular checkups.

Drive Genius adds Mac antivirus to its arsenal


The latest version of Drive Genius adds virus and malware protection, making it even more useful.
Photo: Prosoft

This post is brought to you by Prosoft Engineering, maker of Drive Genius 5.

If you’re serious about taking care of your Mac, you probably use a variety of third-party applications. From VPNs to defragging, managing backups to scanning for viruses, it takes a village of apps to keep Macs at their best.

Find out if you’ve been infected by sneaky new Mac malware


Have you been infected?
Have you been infected?
Photo: Marcin Nowak/Unsplash

Is your Mac infected by newly discovered malware that was ostensibly created by Milan-based HackingTeam in order to gain remote access to your machine?

The new virus uses some old HackingTeam code and some new tricks to hide its tracks, but it’s mostly harmless, according to researchers.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to get it off your system. Here’s how.

Don’t worry about malware, just enjoy your Mac (and maybe win a MacBook Air)


One quick selfie could win you a MacBook Air. Photo: Bitdefender
One quick selfie could win you a MacBook Air. Photo: Bitdefender

This post is brought to you by Bitdefender.

Macs are not immune to cyberattack and viruses. Though the threats are real, leading antivirus maker Bitdefender doesn’t use scare tactics to warn people about malware targeting Macs.

Instead, Bitdefender is running its Hug a Mac campaign this month. You could win a MacBook Air in this fun competition simply by uploading a selfie of you and your Mac, then tagging it #hugamac to enter the draw. Full details can be found on Bitdefender’s Hug a Mac campaign webpage.

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Seasoned Mac users know that their computers aren’t immune to malware, viruses, and other privacy violators. But new Mac users may still be hearing the old myth that Macs are immune to the evils of the Internet.

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