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Spotify surges to 96 million paying subscribers


Spotify app now playing screen
Spotify is almost doubling Apple in paying subscribers.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Spotify is closing in on 100 million paying users, hammering home its position as the No. 1 company in streaming music.

In its latest quarterly earnings, the streaming company revealed that it now has 96 million paying subscribers around the world. That’s up 8 million in three months, and 36 percent year-over-year. The company also made its first ever quarterly operating profit. But not all the news is good.

It only costs $5 to game Apple’s Podcast charts


Making a "chart-topping" podcast isn't that hard.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

Scoring a top spot on Apple’s podcast charts is a lot easier — and a lot cheaper — than most listeners probably realize.

Many podcast fans use Apple’s charts on iTunes and its iOS app to find new shows and gauge what’s popular right now. However, an intriguing new report reveals that some shows are paying for a place at the top and its shockingly inexpensive to game the charts.

A second screen for iPhone, Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds and more [Crowdfund Roundup]


InkCase iPhone 7
InkCase is finally available for iPhone 7.
Photo: InkCase

Crowdfund Roundup bug Ever thought you could do with a second display on your iPhone? InkCase for iPhone 7 is exactly that. You can use it to read books, display useful widgets or pretty photos, and lots more.

It’s just one of the awesome ideas in this week’s Crowdfund Roundup. We also have the world’s first wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0, the ultimate survival tool, and more!

A prismatic puzzle game and other cool apps of the week



Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

We’re always keeping our heads up for the best new apps coming to our iOS devices and Apple TVs. We’re like prairie dogs that way, only we’re not as cute, and our homes are only metaphorical holes.

Every week, we round up the coolest new apps (or awesome updates to existing ones) that have hit Apple’s digital storefront in the past seven days. And if you’re spending your Valentine’s Day browsing the App Store for some new utilities, we have you covered. Also, we’re sorry that that is how you’re spending your Valentine’s Day.

Check out our weekly picks for apps of the week below.

Social Enterprise App Anchor Loosens Up And Adds Email, Evernote Integration




When we first took a look at Anchor back in June after it had just launched, the social platform for coworkers was a decidedly walled-off environment; just like Hotel California, you could check out any time you like—but you could never leave. At least, your ideas couldn’t.

But that’s changed today, as the app sees its first big update and adds integration with Evernote, and the ability to email outside of the platform.

Anchor is Like Facebook, But More Fun, More Useful And For Coworkers Only [Daily Freebie]




The Cult of Mac team used Glassboard to help coordinate our reporting efforts at this year’s CES back in January. It was quick, simple, tied us all together and made the show a little less crazy.

This time around, maybe we’ll dump Glassboard for Anchor, released today. It’s an app with the same basic idea — hanging out and communicating with all your teammates through your iPhone — but with a heavy slant toward fun. And if anything is a great antidote for crazy, it’s fun.