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Amazon Brings Its Cloud Player Music App To The iPad


Amazon Cloud Player iPad

Today Amazon updated its Cloud Player iOS app with full support for the iPad. Amazon’s music streaming and storage service got its own iPhone app last summer, and now the app has been made universal with an interface that’s optimized for the iPad’s larger display.

With Cloud Player on the iPad, Amazon customers can stream music and download tracks to play offline. The app displays larger album artwork while music is playing, and it retains the same look and feel of the iPhone version.

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Amazon's Cloud Drive and Cloud Player on a Mac
Amazon's Cloud Drive and Cloud Player on a Mac

This is a guest post by Paul Lamere, an executive at The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company located in Somerville, Mass. It was originally published here.

For the last year we’ve heard rumors of how both Apple and Google were getting close to releasing music locker services that allow music listeners to upload their music collection to the cloud giving them the ability to listen to their music everywhere.

So it was a big surprise when the first major Internet player to launch a music locker service wasn’t Google or Apple, but instead was Amazon.  Last week, with little fanfare, Amazon released its Amazon Cloud Drive, a cloud-based music locker that includes the Amazon Cloud Player allowing people to listen to their music anywhere.

Amazon’s entry into the music locker is a big deal and should be particularly worrisome for Google and Apple.  Amazon brings some special sauce to the music locker world that will make them a formidable competitor: