Get the alarm clock that’s also a Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger [Deals]


Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station
It's a Bluetooth 5.0 speaker, wireless charger clock and more offering 8 hours of wireless playtime.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Some technology never goes out of style — it just gets better. The good old-fashioned alarm clock, for example, is ripe for an upgrade. This combination alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger checks that box.

Evil alarm clock tricks you out of bed with food smells


Wake up and smell the ... whatever.
Photo: Sensorwake

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverage LAS VEGAS — There was a whole lot of sniffing going on at the Sensorwake booth here at CES Unveiled. The first olfactory alarm clock promises a kinder, gentler start to mornings, using scents instead of noise to wake up sleepyheads.

The quirky gadget couldn’t be any simpler: Set the alarm and wake up to one of six dry-air infused cartridges. Sensorwake is similar to a Glade Plugin but with cooler scents. It’s made by a French company, so it pumps out crazy European aromas.

Futuristic alarm clock wears a retro face


Snooze with a wave of your hand.
Snooze with a wave of your hand.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Best List: Retro Alarm Clock Radio by Electrohome

Experts say you need to minimize distraction from your smartphones and tablets at night, so I’ve started leaving my iPhone charging in the kitchen. Instead, I now wake up to NPR thanks to this gorgeously retro alarm clock radio from Electrohome.

It’s got everything you need to get you up at the right time, plus a host of features that make it the only alarm clock you’ll ever need.