Use AirPods more seamlessly with your Mac with this $9 app


This app lets you connect your Mac and AirPods
If you like your AirPods, and you like your Mac, you're gonna love AirBuddy.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

AirPods are awesome, but they’re more magical with iOS devices than with Macs. Unless, of course, you use AirBuddy.

The Mac app brings some of that iOS-style sweetness to your AirPods experience on an Apple computer. And right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to AirBuddy for less than $9.

AirBuddy makes your AirPods work better with your Mac


Instantly play your Mac's audio with this app
AirBuddy connects your AirPods to your Mac with a single click.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We’ve all been there: You’re running late for a video meeting and you’ve only got a few moments to pull up your presentation and speak to your entire team. In between the dog barking, construction happening just outside your window, and having misplaced your charger, the last thing you want to deal with are audio and connectivity issues between your AirPods and your Mac.

Connect your AirPods seamlessly to your Mac with this innovative app


AirBuddy instantly connects AirPods to your Mac
AirBuddy brings the seamless AirPods experience to your Mac.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you’ve been lucky enough to be able to work from home over the past year, you’ve probably started to beef up your workspace accordingly. Fancy standing desk? Check. Cable-clutter minimizing charger? Check. Multitasking lamp? Sure, why not.

You might even have upped your Zoom game with a fancy background. But you’re really missing out if you haven’t started using AirBuddy yet. This Mac app makes connecting your AirPods just as cool and easy as it is on iOS.