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Sail off to light hack-and-slash fun with Oceanhorn 2 [Review]


Oceanhorn 2 from Apple Arcade
In Oceanhorn 2 it’s you and your robot buddy against the world. Actually, mostly it’s just you.
Screenshot: Cornfox & Brothers

One of the highlights of the just-launched Apple Arcade is Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm from Cornfox & Bros. It’s a familiar dungeon crawl through a bright world to solve a noble quest, and it provides hours of fun.

Buckle on your sword and run through this game with us.

Mesmerizing exploration game Journey comes to iOS


Journey game for iOS
Journey is less a game than an experience.
Photo: Annapurna Interactive

Journey has been described as more a work of art than a game. It depends on its amazing visuals and Grammy-winning music to draw players into a mysterious world. And now iPad and iPhone users can experience it for themselves.

When Journey debuted in 2012 it was awarded a Guinness World Record for “The Most Awards won by an Independent Game.”

Hogwarts Mystery costs too much, but might become cheaper


Harry Potter
Considering it's a children's game, many wonder why Hogwarts Mystery cost so much to play.
Photo: Jam City

Reviews of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery don’t agree whether it’s a good iOS game, but all say it’s vastly too  expensive. It’s actually free to download, but playing the game essentially requires buying expensive power-ups.

But now developer Jam City may have changed course because reports are coming in that the cost of power-ups has dropped by up to 80 percent.

Minecraft: Story Mode stars two Goonies and a Pee-Wee


Craft your own story with the choices you make.
Craft your own story with the choices you make.
Photo: Telltale Games

Minecraft has always let you tell your own story with it’s open-world sandbox game. You can dig, build, fight zombies, and even explore amazing worlds built by other Minecraft fans and find your own way to play.

Now, though, Telltale wants you to immerse yourself in a new authored story that will be released episodically. Titled Minecraft: Story Mode, the upcoming game features a ton of famous voice-over actors to bring the story to life.

Take a listen to the trailer below and see if you can at least figure out who the main character, Jesse, is.

Fly like a dragon (and smash into walls) in fun but flawed Dragon Raiders


A whole roster of special power-ups keeps Dragon Raiders fresh and exciting.

I’m soaring through the air, dodging fallen trees and rocky overhangs, and evading plumes of sooty black smoke while trying to collect as many runes as I possibly can — and I’m loving it. Who would have thought being a dragon would be so cool?

In Dragon Raiders, an intriguing new iOS runner game, you’ll duck, dive and dodge your way through endless levels of entertaining fun to save the land of Landslandia from the meddling Megawobblins.

Get The Cave, A New Adventure Game From Monkey Island’s Ron Gilbert, Today On Steam



The Cave is a brand new adventure game from legendary developer, Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion) and award-winning Double Fine Productions (Psychonauts, Brütal Legend). Choose a team of three from an available seven differently-equipped and skilled adventurers to descend into the dark, mysterious, and promisingly twisted depths of The Cave, now out on Steam for Mac and PC for a gloriously affordable $14.99.