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Do New Apple Engineers Really Have To Work On Fake Projects?



There’s a belief that Apple makes new engineers work on fake products until they can be trusted. According one of the company’s former employees, Adam Lashinsky, who published the book Inside Apple last January, the Cupertino company hires people into so-called “dummy positions” until it’s confident that they can be a part of upcoming products without leaking information.

But how accurate are those claims? We know Apple takes secrecy very seriously, but would it really waste time and money on giving people fake projects just to ensure they won’t squeal?

Almost certainly not.

New Apple Engineers Build Fake Products Until They Can Be Trusted



Becoming an Apple engineer could well be one of the most exciting careers currently available in the technology industry, but don’t expect to working on the iPhone 5 during your first week. It seems the Cupertino company is so obsessed with secrecy that new employees are made to work on “fake” devices for months, until they can be trusted not to leak them.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has barely had time to make his mark on the tech giant when an ambitious senior vice president is being portrayed as a ‘CEO-in-waiting.’ In a soon-to-be published look inside Apple, Scott Forstall is described as a potential problem for Cook, who only months ago took over for co-founder Steve Jobs.