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The new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer is a paean to the post-apocalypse


Over the weekend, we saw some incredible trailers come out of Comic Con 2014, including the new Sin City and The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies trailer.

But if you ask me, the best trailer to come out of Comic Con was easily the trailer to the new Mad Max movie. Starring Tom Hardy as the titular character, Fury Road‘s trailer is so incredible… well, you just have to see it for yourself.

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Action-packed Guardians of the Galaxy trailer raises the sci-fi stakes


The new trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, starring Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana, has us chomping at the galactic bit for the full movie, due out in theaters August 1. There’s plenty of action in this new preview, along with some fantastic moments between our protagonists.

With Bradley Cooper as wisecracking badass raccoon Rocket and Vin Diesel as giant, flower-giving tree-thug Groot, the upcoming flick from the makers of Thor, Iron Man and The Avengers is promising a lot to moviegoers; let’s hope it’s worth the wait.

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iTunes Movie Trailers App Updated With Notifications, Reviews From Rotten Tomatoes

Photo Mar 25, 6 12 36 PM

Today Apple updated its iTunes Movie Trailers app with a couple of cool features, including the ability to receive push notifications when movies marked as favorites arrive in theaters or on the iTunes Store. While you could previously only see overall Rotten Tomatoes ratings for movies, the app now lets you read individual reviews from critics.

Here’s the full list of changes:

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Apple TV Hack Ads Russian Video Service Without Jailbreaking


Earlier this month it was discovered that Plex can be added to Apple TV without jailbreaking the device, and now a Russian blog has discovered how to add Russia’s UnliMovie digital TV service to the Apple TV by using the device’s Trailers app.

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Make Your Trailers App Play In Glorious 1080p All The Time On Your iPad or iPhone [iOS Tips]

Make Your Trailers App Play In Glorious 1080p All The Time On Your iPad or iPhone [iOS Tips]

I love movie trailers. I can while away a ton of time just tapping through new trailers via iOS’s universal iTunes Trailers app, checking out all the movies I’d like to see. It’s pure eye-candy, and usually contains most of the good stuff from movies, without all the annoying filler (I kid, I kid–sort of).

Of course, one of the (many) guilty pleasures of owning a new iPad is the super high resolution it affords. When playing movie trailers, then, why not be sure to have your iPad default to the 1080p High Definition when you’re watching the latest Cloud Atlas trailer, for example? Why not, indeed! Here’s how.

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Check Out Apple’s iTunes Summer Movie Guide

Check Out Apple’s iTunes Summer Movie Guide

Grab an incredibly overpriced bucket of popcorn.

Summer is upon us, and that means new movies. Tons of great blockbusters will be debuting over the next couple months, including Prometheus next weekend in the U.S. and The Dark Knight Rises on July 20th.

Apple has a handy summer movie guide for 2012. There are some great iTunes trailers and movie details included for what’s hitting theaters, so be sure to check it out.

This is a good way to get a quick rundown of the major movie releases this summer. HD trailers are included for each title along with official release dates.

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Apple Updates iTunes Movie Trailers App For The New iPad’s Retina Display

Apple Updates iTunes Movie Trailers App For The New iPad’s Retina Display

Apple has finally updated its iTunes Movie Trailers app for the new iPad’s Retina display. I say ‘finally’ because most of Apple’s own iOS apps were updated with Retina graphics on March 7th, but the Trailers app was left out.

You can download the update for Trailers in the App Store now, and it looks fantastic.

Unlike the Netflix app, Apple’s Trailers will let you stream video in stunning on HD. If you haven’t been using Trailers on your iPad and iPad, download it now and discover what you’ve been missing. Not only can you view trailers for upcoming movies, but there’s a handy calendar view for release dates, charts, favorite starring, and ticket/showing info. A great app just got even better.

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Can You Face Terrifying Cat Of Doom? We Try Trailers In iMovie For iOS [Review]

Cat of Doooom

Along with everything else in iLife for iOS (and iWork too), iMovie got an update at the new iPad announcement on Wednesday. The big new feature is trailers, which you may have used before on the desktop. Now you can make them on iPhones (4 or later) and iPads (2 or later).

We wanted to put the new iMovie through its paces, so here’s a trailer we made.

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Grab Your Popcorn And Batarang, The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Now Available In iTunes

Grab Your Popcorn And Batarang, The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Now Available In iTunes

Apple has posted two HD trailers for Christopher Nolan’s highly-anticpated Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. While you’ll have to wait until summer of 2012 to watch the whole thing, 3:41 minutes of glorious footage is available from the movie trailer section of iTunes right now.

If you need more of a Batman fix, the 6-minute prologue to The Dark Knight Rises is showing before Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol in IMAX. The official trailer is also showing before Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Don’t forget that you can see these trailers and more in Apple’s official Trailers app for the iPhone and iPad.

What Do You Do When You Have $50bn In The Bank?


This bit from yesterday’s event made me laugh out loud.

This was about 30 minutes in, and Randy Ubillos was showing us the new iMovie ’11 and its built-in trailers. Impressive movie soundtrack music blared out.

Randy turned to the crowd and said: “For the music, we went to London, to Abbey Road studios, and made original recordings with the London Symphony Orchestra.”

He dropped that in so casually, but just think about it for a moment.

For the sound effects used in one feature, in one application that lives inside a larger suite of media apps, Apple hired an orchestra, a conductor, a composer, Abbey Road studios, and all the paraphernalia that must have come with them. Caterers, hotels, management, hangers-on, producers, heaven knows who and what else.

That’s what you do when you have $50bn in the bank.