Apple TV Hack Ads Russian Video Service Without Jailbreaking



Earlier this month it was discovered that Plex can be added to Apple TV without jailbreaking the device, and now a Russian blog has discovered how to add Russia’s UnliMovie digital TV service to the Apple TV by using the device’s Trailers app.

To get the hack to work you have to change your DNS settings to manual ( in your Apple TV Settings menu. Adding the new DNS settings will allow access to UnliMovie through the Trailers app.

If you want to switch back all you have to do is change the DNS settings back to automatic. The hack might not be useful for non-Russian speakers, but it’s interesting how easy its become for services to hack the Apple TV through the Trailers app lately.

Hopefully we’ll see more Apple TV hacks that bring more content, or hell, an Apple TV SDK would always be nice.

Source: iGuides

Via: iDB